Area Code 340

Additional information:

Area code: 340
State: Virgin Islands
Country: USA
4, Apr. 2017

Won't leave a message.

31, Mar. 2017

I guess they are back at it again.

30, Mar. 2017

The number this telemarketer is calling is a cell phone number.

25, Mar. 2017

Last weeks number was 800-888-9617

3, Mar. 2017

It is still annoying to get the calls

1, Mar. 2017

my call was redirected to 678-208-09288.

24, Feb. 2017

Called about credit card, I asked which one, said, the one you are using, very rude, and insulting,told her not to call back

23, Feb. 2017

I was at work so my husband told them not home.Started asking about personal loan etc.

17, Feb. 2017

Called, didn't answer, so they didn't leave a message. I called number back to see who it was and some magazine thing.

17, Feb. 2017

Pre-recorded sales message CallerID was "faked" with a series of letters/numbers: V60212443800035

Rita Foster
17, Feb. 2017

I'm sick of these calls. They don't even tell me what company did they call me from. I have asked them to just remove my number from their calling list, but it doesn't work I think. They keep calling me even until today, several hours ago. Reporting them to the authority is maybe the best way for us to make them stop. Also, warn others through website like this is really helpful.

15, Feb. 2017

Another Voip number from the East County area of San Diego.

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