Area Code 339

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Area code: 339
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
17, Oct. 2017

Same comment, called from a 954-210-9527 number, My cell screen reported as spam when it came up multiple times. Today a computer voice left a message stating there was a fraud case I had ignored for 6 months. That I should call 339-219-7031 to find out more or "the case" would be filed with the courts.... I did not call it cause they get your personal info that way lots of times by back searching phone records... I believe my phone is correct- SCAM

14, Oct. 2017

Bogus pharmacy in India selling fake prescription medications. Multiple calls per day.

Marilyn. Wood
12, Oct. 2017

I'm. Marilyn. Wood. This. Man. Voice. Sound. Like. a. Cuba. and. he's. wanted. to. Know. about. My. In. come. and. wanted. to. know. about. my. age. and. he's. ask. me. did. I'm. apply. for. my. disability. and. I'm. has. told. him. that's. I'm. been. on. social. security. the. year. of. 19. 90. the. Man.has. call. me. from Massachusetts. and. the. number. he's. had. call. me. from. +13392091397and. jm. don't. know. if. he's. work. for. the. government. are. not. because. the. words. came. up. on. my. cell. phone. say. scam. Likely. and. I'm. started. to. gets. on. The. man. he's. had. hang. up. and. I'm. don't. no. his. name. and. he's. back. not. call. me. No. more. because. hey. Is. heading. for. trouble

11, Oct. 2017

So fucked

8, Oct. 2017

The period expired and we did not subscribe to their service.

2, Oct. 2017

Do not speak very good English, when I ask to not receive calls the hang up on me and call back

1, Oct. 2017

They said "it's time for my scheduled annual furnace checkup", but I never requested this, nor have I ever spoken with them or done business with them.

30, Sep. 2017

Called today at 11:08 and 11:36 am.

29, Sep. 2017

Calls constantly. Leaves a message that there's a 14% rate hike coming to my electric bill and "push one" to stop this rate hike immediately.

29, Sep. 2017

Call at all different times and they don't leave a message. Even if you purposely send them to voicemail.

27, Sep. 2017

They left a recorded message saying I committed tax fraud and that United States Government has filed a lawsuit against me and my family. Also stated they have been trying to reach me for the past 6 months. They are true scammers.

27, Sep. 2017

Calls over and over again but hangs up.

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