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Regional statistics: Greensboro, North Carolina has a population of 231769 that is in a county of 168667 units. The city is in a county that is 650 square miles. 336-542 is available through the regional telephone switch # GNBONCEUBMD in the Greensboro area.

Other cities around Greensboro include:
Burlington, Lexington, Winston Salem, Madison

We are able to provide you with information on 336-542 exchange (handled by AT&T - LOCAL - NC) in Greensboro, North Carolina and most of the U.S (in addition to certain Canadian cities)

Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2627:

We do not answer numbers that we cannot identify on our caller ID.

Reported 23, Jul. 2015.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2795:

i could not ask them to not call as the message was recorded.

Reported 26, Sep. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2585:

Have received this same call from the same female voice on the voice mail many times in the past year.

Reported 15, Aug. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2401:

They call me ever month!

Reported 10, Jul. 2014.
Annoying is reporting 336-542-5620:

I want this number blocks and not to call anymore

Reported 16, Apr. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-5698:

I hate this company. use to work for them and i will tell the public how much of a fraudster u are. Everything they call about are all complete lies they try to scare people with all kinds of tactics as if they are a law firm when none of the manager have any law experiences or hold a law degree i completely wasted my time working for them the pay sucks,employees are treated like crap, she has her fav employees which amounts to at least 4 that makes her money for her and her company is a total fraud. They have employess call to impersonate higher authority fiugures, they also tell the employees what to say, do, and how to do it.I could not do this job anymore the money is bull crap, the company is bull crap, and i just could not take that guilty feeling of calling someone who barely has a dime. One of the calls i took during my time there i had a lady cried n she was homeless and guess what they still made the homeless lady pay money 600+++ dollars or go to jail and had that lady scared to death as if she was going to jail. What bunch of pathetic losers and Brenda (owner) should be ashamed of her self for lying to people always trying to play the Christian role. WHATEVER

Reported 27, Feb. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2623:


Reported 21, Jan. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2634:

This is the second time they have called and left no message on my cell phone. It cost me every time these calls are placed to my phone! It would be nice if this could be stopped.

Reported 21, Jan. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2638:

Receive weekly and monthly calls from a man and a woman. Have asked that they take us off of their call list, to no avail.

Reported 21, Jan. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-5704:

When I told the individual calling that I was on the National Do Not Call Registry and wished to be removed from his mailing list, he was extremely rude and said "Well, how's that working out for you?" Please make him stop. I have had numerous calls from this number, and I am very tired of those people thinking that they are somehow exempt from regulations.

Reported 25, Oct. 2013.
Cheryl Derlien is reporting 336-542-5840:

This person has called my office twice leaving accusatory messages of fraud. If this is a legitimate collection I suggest you mail the information to my home address.

Reported 19, Jul. 2013.
Harrassed & Threatened is reporting 336-542-5851:

A Mr. Jackson has called my home. He has identified himself as law enforcement to me. To co-workers he states that he is an attorney. He doesn't allow me to ask any questions. He just yells & tells me that I am going to be arrested. He has called my job & told several co-workers & supervisors that I have committed fraud. He has left messages on their voicemails & has even given co-workers detailed information about me including my social security #. When my son answered the phone at home, he told him that he was going to have his mother arrested. I know of nothing & tried to ask him to mail me documentation, but he can't even hear me because he is yelling so much. He is relentless & he is going to cause me to lose my job. Can anything be done?

Reported 12, Apr. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2758:

he calls and says i better pay them before he sends the authories to come and pick me up and he got very harsh with my family members. please help

Reported 22, Feb. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-3673:

They Call DAILY! and ALWAYS no one answers !!!

Reported 18, Dec. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-5044:

These phone numbers are all related. When I picked up the phone, the auto response computerized voice says they will help me. I put those numbers in my reject lists but thir auto redailing system keeps calling multiple times if I don't pick up the phones. Its very annoying. It does everyday and I am receuving their auto calls at leadt 10 times a day. Please investigate. Thanks.

Reported 10, Dec. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-5847:

Here you go... The coward's name is William Davis.. he is employed by Lezama, Lester, and Associates in Greensboro NC.. This fraud pushed my mother to tears, and also threatened myself as well. The whole time he claimed to be a Detective with the local sheriffs. Detective William Davis Bill Davis Brenda McMillan 336-790-0200 336-790-0198 336-542-5847 This is "Bill's" direct line.. also ext 117 His boss is Brenda McMillan...She acted as if she had no knowledge of this, but that's a complete lie. Going after Detective Bill is probably pointless, but going after his boss Brenda McMillan is the best way to go!!!

Reported 16, Nov. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-5059:

There was an option to speak to representative. I did that and started speaking about being on no call list and they hung up on me. This is not the first time this has happened. I called the number and got another recording but was disconnected again.

Reported 17, Aug. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-2366:

They call everyday after I have asked them to stop & that I was on the do not call list & it continues everyday & now there is someone on the line but they say nothing it is very annoying!!!!!!

Reported 8, Aug. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 336-542-5842:

They call daily. Some king of phishing scam I think. Have asked them to stop calling several times but they continue.

Reported 19, Jul. 2012.
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