Area Code 334

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Area code: 334
State: Alabama
Country: USA
14, Oct. 2018

Free cruise scam again.

14, Oct. 2018

They call several times a week.

10, Oct. 2018

I have told them on numerous occassions that there is no Brian and to stop calling but they don't.

4, Oct. 2018

they have demonstrated beyond any shadow of any doubt they do not intend to follow the current federal law by not taking my number out of their calling system.

3, Oct. 2018

Re tax filing in my name. 4 serious allegations against me. 24 hours to respond or name will be turned over to local police. Threatening and frightening call.

3, Oct. 2018

Recorded message about $3000 savings certificate for senior citizens and medical alert device.

2, Oct. 2018

Press 1 to talk to a rep or 9 to opt out.

28, Sep. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

28, Sep. 2018

I'm tired of bullshit messages and calls!!!

23, Sep. 2018

I am not getting the chance to enjoy my bread and butter before leaving home. I just loath to eaf food gone stale. This is not the most convenient time for a phone call to come. I spent quite a bit in ordering the ingredients. What a waste of food.

21, Sep. 2018

Caller ID said Seniorcw.

19, Sep. 2018

If you follow the prompts to get a person, as soon as you start your complaint, they hang up on you before you finish your first sentence.

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