Area Code 330

Additional information:

Area code: 330
State: Ohio
Country: USA
11, Dec. 2017

This number nonstops calls me every day.. I have no clue who or what they want. I will not pick it up.theyre super annoying!

11, Dec. 2017

No company mentioned, cannot ask them to stop calling.

9, Dec. 2017

It is an automatic message at the beginning then it asks you to press one for a service representative.

9, Dec. 2017

These people are so annoying and rude.

8, Dec. 2017

Please send me the dates and times I have complained against this number in the past so I can take them to court or file a ftc complaint.

8, Dec. 2017

Did not start talking within 2 seconds so I hung up, but they have called dozens of times before.

7, Dec. 2017

There is no option to press in order to tell them to stop

7, Dec. 2017

If i do not call them back, they are sending my local police for me.

6, Dec. 2017

I have not purchased a prepaid debit card and I have never done business with NetSpend.

6, Dec. 2017

There is never a message left and this is really starting to get me down.

6, Dec. 2017

Have received many calls from the above # and even so they have been asked to take our # off their calling list they continue to call.

5, Dec. 2017

They just keep calling mostly every week and leaving the same recorded message about some cleaning process they offer.

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