Phone: 326-172-0000

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Around 80% of people reported it as "Scammer"
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Latest people reported the number as that of "International Scammers from India"
13, Jun. 2013

Told me they were calling from Microsoft Security Center because they have been alerted to critical virus infection on my Win7 System...I only have Win XP...have not upgraded yet. Has me run Event Viewer and keep getting Zero results for what she wants and tells me that my systems are seriously infected and one of their MSCE techs will have to log in remotely to remove the virus. I am sorry I am not that stupid. I played along for a bit. Then I asked how she received my phone number (my cell phone number) she told me that I registered it when I loaded the software. Funny thing is I never use that number for product registration...I use a Google Number due to my job always moving. HHMMMM......not to sound racist or anything along that line, but she had a heavy Indian (Asian) accent.

11, Jul. 2013

I get these calls never answer them cause I know someone has no number ending with 0000

10, Sep. 2013

Got a call from them saying it was Microsoft Security Center. They said that my Microsoft OS computer was sending them messages about some viruses on my machine. I don't run any microsoft-produced software...I have a LINUX machine. So much for their BS...

John of Lower Merion
27, Feb. 2014

(326) 172-0000 Live call recorded 27 February 2014 ("We're Microsoft certified, your computer is broadcasting too many errors on the Internet..." ) SCAM "fix-it" Caller ID: "Name Unavailabl[e]" (aso called 1 October 2013 from the same number. I toyed with them, now they're giving me the opportunity to do so, again!) Heavy India accent calling to inform me my computer is broadcasting many error reports over the Internet, but they can help me fix the problem. Their problem is to get me to turn on my computer. I put them on hold telling them I have to go to my computer (I was actually speaking to them using my computer as a telephone thanks to Google Voice) then they described what to do after the screen icons appeared. They had me start the Microsoft RUN box and I put them on HOLD to answer the door (the UPS man really did show up) and I tried to trip them up when they dictated what I was to type in the RUN box command line. They said "double u double u double u dot..." so I carefully spelled out "double you double you double you dee oh tee..." and they said "No, no!" I continued the phonetic spelling when they told me "double you double you double dot P L U S S I G N ..." and generally annoyed them. After I put them on hold again, they chastised me and said "I know you're really a technician...don't you have anything to say for've wasted 3 minutes of my time and your time..." (Ha ha, I wasted 15 minutes of their time, listen to the recording on my Spam Calls Web Page, link below). Thanks to Google Voice ( ) you can hear this recorded call on my Spam Calls web page: Signup for your own free Google Voice account at and avoid telephone call spam

23, Sep. 2015

The number I got was 860 288 0000 with a 1 before the 860.

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