Area Code 325

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Area code: 325
State: Texas
Country: USA
18, Apr. 2018

Sounded like a elderly woman, asking for Angela then the second time she called was asking for James

18, Apr. 2018

This random-sounding noise ended and they left the line open for about 30 seconds before hanging up.

16, Apr. 2018

This number calls me several times a day.

Bob - SE Virginia
5, Apr. 2018

Message says the cops are coming to get me because I have 4 very serious "allegations" against me. First off, law enforcement doesn't refer to themselves as cops. Message just phishing. Don't bite.

5, Apr. 2018

They leave me vmails about i am going to be arrested

4, Apr. 2018

One of those annoying tax scams.

4, Apr. 2018

left a VM to press 1 so they can help us win Government contracts.

4, Apr. 2018

27 (at 11:14am, 1:21pm and 3:00pm).

4, Apr. 2018

Fire Department has been investigation you and family. If you do not contact them at 325-305-9305 they will consider a fraud and download information to the court. Call came from 256-208-9053 Message said call 325-305-9305. 256 is Alabama area code and 325 is in Texas

30, Mar. 2018

Credit card dept reduction company, recorded message to press 1 to reduce dept.

28, Mar. 2018

I tried to return the call & it is always busy, have tried to have the caller to remove my number

28, Mar. 2018

I have received multiple calls from this party, even after I told them to stop.

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