Area Code 325

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Area code: 325
State: Texas
Country: USA
30, Mar. 2017

said his name was Robert Lowrey with WL Construction when I asked what it was about he put me on hold then hung up

30, Mar. 2017

foreign speaking gentleman left message to call per a court case was issued and I needed to call back with my attorney. I called back and he said how can I help you. then he said he was from the irs, advised I would call the fbi and report him. He cussed me out and hung up.

23, Mar. 2017

Every time this number calls there is no one on the line.

20, Mar. 2017

If answered, there is only silence of sometimes noise like background talking.

18, Mar. 2017

I've made two requests for them to stop calling.

Sick and Tired
13, Mar. 2017

They called 5 times today, never leave a voicemail. When you answer they start off with this call will be recorded, and that it's Credit One and if you would like to go ahead and make a payment. When I said my bill is current and not due yet they continue saying its a courtesy to me, and I was late before.......I repeat my bill is current and not due yet. They are persistent to be friendly courtesy calls. They then will give you your acct number. I don't believe it for one minute. They know Credit One calls a lot if your due also, its very hard to speak with anyone from Credit One, and i'm sure Credit One has a lot of delinquent accts. Perfect for a Scammer/fraud. I tell them I pay online....and If they think I would ever pay a cent over the phone to these foreigner people that call and barely speak English and that are names George or Thomas they have to be out of their minds. I don't care who they say they are, Credit One or a Scam. If it feels wrong it usually is, if this by some chance is Credit One they need to be sued for Harassment. They call on Sundays as well. No credit card or loan I have ever had harasses you with a friendly reminder call.....they harass you if your bill is delinquent yes, not to remind you. They never leave a message ever. If you or late or get a reminder that your bill is coming up due soon , DO NOT PAY!!!!!!!! Call Credit One or pay on the secure website.

2, Mar. 2017

I don't know anyone from Tx. Tech So I didn't answer. No message was left.

2, Mar. 2017

Calls and does not leave a message. flags as spam/fraud number

2, Mar. 2017

06/03 3 calls - 12:15pm, 12:01pm & 11:43am 06/02 6:43pm, 5:36pm, 3:16pm, 2:36pm, 2:10pm, 1:06pm, 12:00pm 05/31 1:17, 1:52

2, Mar. 2017

I pressed 1 to get more information.

1, Mar. 2017


23, Feb. 2017

This is my prepaid cell & I really can't afford to pay for telemarketers calling my cell over & over.

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