Area Code 323

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Area code: 323
State: California
Country: USA
22, Jun. 2017

This number calls every day and never answers or leaves a message, just ignore it from now on.. Stupid people

22, Jun. 2017

Asking information about property sold year ago. Noise background, like some people calling in same room.

22, Jun. 2017

yep fake craigslist scam

21, Jun. 2017

They have called several times this week I finally answered today and the man asked for me and his name was Jim at ways in Hollywood when I said yes this is me he hung up.

19, Jun. 2017

Yes, they do have to abide by the do not call registry because they are telemarketers and obtained phone numbers through buying them. They are scammers.

Scam Flusher
19, Jun. 2017

323-679-1257 is a thumb sucking, worm-like maggot posing as criminal telescum. I'm sterilizing his number so he will have to spend more money changing numbers again. Financially put him out of business. Also uses 559-439-8672, 559-229-0907, 559-425-1201, 209-407-5157 (hocks solar), , 310-494-2474 Spoofed - student loan scam, 213-514-5136, 559-582-0526 (spoofed clean energy), 559-439-6162 (spoofed), 559-627-1133 (spoofed), 559-439-3157 (spoofed), 562-262-5454, 559-422-3164, 516-206-9011, 559-422-3058, 782-541-6325, 559-419-0930, 559-291-0582, 559-354-8253 and 559-732-0784. Turn this parasite in and help the government get rich from his efforts. Pray for him going out of business, getting a huge fine, and sharing a cell with Bubba. Cross reference and Block em Danno.

18, Jun. 2017


15, Jun. 2017

money making scheme ......

13, Jun. 2017

No message.

12, Jun. 2017

Caller claimed to be phoning about solar energy, gave a bogus website address ("") and said their phone # was "1-800-DENTIST" when I asked. Scammers, avoid.

bill fold
12, Jun. 2017

more spammer BS.

10, Jun. 2017

Pretending to be apple support but this is an OLD apple number that STILL comes up on caller ID as Apple. SPAM call tried 3 times today so far. Tied to call that store on their current number and was told by the mall that the store was currently having trouble with their phone system.

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