Area Code 323

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Area code: 323
State: California
Country: USA
24, Sep. 2018

Claims to be a debt collector from Katz Legal Services. No such company exists at address. Further, address on letter doesn't exist either. Attempting to collect on a phantom debt. Claims I owe Discover, but I've never had a Discover card. Threats/Scare tactics: says will have me served at my employment and is in the process of filing law suit.

24, Sep. 2018

I can not understand what they are saying.

24, Sep. 2018

Asked to take me off his list guy with Indian accent said can't do that. Told him will report said to go ahead

24, Sep. 2018

This company wanted to sell me extended warranty for my vehicle.

24, Sep. 2018

This number called me and proceeded to call me C#%t told me “ I know who I am “and actually use the F word and said” All trying to sell my 86-year-old mother contracting services

24, Sep. 2018

I dont have diabetes.

24, Sep. 2018

# is driving me nuts. They call and call although I let them know they are calling the wrong telephone number. This phone number is just one number that comes in for someone by the name of Paula.

24, Sep. 2018

Came here to check out number. Seen her, had a good time, will repeat.

Jimenez guzman
23, Sep. 2018

very careful with this number this person is dedicated to stealing day by day selling boxes that supposedly gives free internet charging 200 to 400 dollars to his victims letters in the affairs we are artos of this delinquent person thanks

22, Sep. 2018

This caller has repeatedly called our listed DO NOT CALL phone number.

22, Sep. 2018

I have been engaged to this young guy for the past 7 weeks when I finally realized what sort of an individual the guy is. My brother had been warning me against this guy and I didn't pay heed to their advice. I called the jerk and broke off my engagement. I wish I had never trusted the fool.

22, Sep. 2018

Geez. Yet another telephone call from Accelerate Judgement Recover. They have to stop calling. We do not pass her the Android phone now as she is terrified over the telephone calls. I am looking at reporting these incidents. My neighbor said that the Police would be better than a Lawyer? The creeps! It is child molestation at ist best!

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