Area Code 323

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Area code: 323
State: California
Country: USA
19, Oct. 2017

Yes the guys in the a.v board are pussies. They know missgems is std positive but dont say a word cuz she charges them cheap. More and more people are starting to know that missgems is a fucken loser.

19, Oct. 2017

enter a survey to win a cruise

19, Oct. 2017

Why can't these calls be stopped and the callers punished?

18, Oct. 2017

They called me asking for a women, kept calling me sweetheart and honey, and then apologized for what they did last night when I asked them what they did they said “I hurt you” super weird

18, Oct. 2017

Cannot ask them to stop calling b/c it is a recording.

18, Oct. 2017

I NEVER give my phone number out online, as I always use the same number in online forms (111-111-1111)when required.

18, Oct. 2017

I get these calls daily.

18, Oct. 2017

She hung up on me when I requested no more calls.

18, Oct. 2017

The two comments here clearly indicate this to be a SPAM NUMBER.

18, Oct. 2017

they have called me 4 additional times.

18, Oct. 2017

Asked for a name that I do not know, then launched into a pitch for Breast Cancer Research. Call was to my mobile phone number.

18, Oct. 2017

Live person (Asian accent) called asking for Kathy - would not speak with anyone else.

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