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22, Mar. 2018

you macontact me with he phone number I gave.

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24, Dec. 2017

They are such a bother on PAIN IN THE ASS!

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5, Oct. 2017

This is getting very frustrating.

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25, Aug. 2016

It was an unidentified company soliciting to lower my credit card rate.

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9, Jun. 2016

Something should be done to stop these scams, as I know they harass people who do not know how to stop them.

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25, Apr. 2016

I have no ideal who they are, they always hang up when the answer system comes on.

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22, Mar. 2016

Caller calls Monday thru Friday between 8 AM and 9 AM.

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14, May. 2015

i warned them that i will report them to you.

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27, Feb. 2015

The company does not give their name on the message.

Tired of these types of calls
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6, Feb. 2015

Claimed to be from the US treasury, warning us of a legal matter. Since when does the treasury office have a 323 area code?? The area code that the treasury is located in is 202 (DC). Its a scam !!!! Reported calls...

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25, Aug. 2014

Checked this #. Said area code wasn't valid. How can this be??

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8, May. 2014

We have received 8 calls from this phone number during this past week. I have told them to remove our phone # from their calling list.

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4, Apr. 2014

When I call back to complain or get off the list all I get is another recording.

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5, Feb. 2014

This number calls my house every day. There is no message left. If I pick up the phone, it disconnects. I have found numerous complaints online about this number. I feel that this is intolerable and an intrusion of my privacy. It continued to be a nuisance. Please shut this down. Thank You.

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1, Nov. 2013

They call then hang up when I answer...very annoying!

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15, Oct. 2013

This person was cold calling every day. I have never dealt with them before.

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20, Sep. 2013

Not exactly a collection agency, I dialed the number and got a recorded mess. that there office's are closed at 9 P.M. eastern time but they are located in Los Angeles that makes no sense what there recorded message did say was they were a debt relief company. Got one question for somebody How come I can't get my ex-wife's cell # but these people get ours.

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15, Apr. 2013

This was a text message that reads I'm lucky they texted. I have never done business with this company and did not authorize anyone to send me spam messages. I did not reply "STOP" as I am afraid that this will tell them that this is a legitimate number and I'll get more spam texts from them.

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8, Mar. 2012

This phone number called me three times.