Phone: 323-326-4118

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Bell, California
Its exchange 326 is managed by PACIFIC BELL - CA
The number is currently on switch number BELLCA11DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 40% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 5 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "would give one, aqua care/superior bath and shower"
19, Apr. 2013

Called me today asking to speak to me using old married name. I asked if I could help her. She hung up.

4, May. 2013

Male caller with heavy accent. Could not pronounce my last name. I hung up.

28, Jan. 2014

called me from 323-326-4118. I am on do not call list as well. lady told me they were some kind of walk in shower/bath company and would be in my area and wanted to make an appt at 3pm or 6pm, I said NO. She said 6pm great, I said NO! then I was very rude in saying no and then she tried to confirm my address! This freaked me out as I am disabled and would likely be home alone at that time of day and told her DO NOT COME ON MY PROPERTY and she said great we will see you at 6pm and I was completely freaked out and she hung up... I tried to call back but the number is not a number you can call back but... I did some research and I found the parent company that generates the calls... they keep changing their name when they call but the real name is Aqua Care and the number is 1-877-497-7777..... so I called them and I told them what happened and that I also filed a complaint with the do not call registry and how upset that I was... I also had contacted my attorney because I live in a "stand your ground state" and I was that scared of being home alone and wanted to know my rights and let then know that I have contacted him as well because I felt threaten (they have called a few time this week but not this aggressively).... they actually took me serious and apologized, pulled the call and the supervisor called me back and told me that this was above and beyond acceptable and he fired the employee immediately, removed my name from the database and no one will be coming to my house.... I don't know if they actually fired anyone but I know that they will be getting a complaint from the DNC registry about this and the fact that I was able to hunt them down probably scared them a little.... so I wanted to pay it forward... thanks to a post from a former employee who put the real phone number out there on the web... so I just hope that this will help some one else. I feel better that they may behave a little better if they know that just like Newton's law of motion - that for action there is a reaction!!! Stand up to them and take action!!

14, Apr. 2015

The DNC list is a farce. The best thing to do is get a phone (like Panasonic) with call blocking and simply block the number. It does absolutely no good to tell them not to call. If you talk to them, your number is added to their calling database as a good number. As a result, you'll be on a list and get a lot of these calls. Just block 'em!

2, May. 2015

Asked for my mother. Told her I was not her. who was this calling? she said if your not so & so whats the difference. very rude. tried to call back. number not in service...really? it just called me

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