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15, Sep. 2016

They are calling to reduce interest rate.

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26, Oct. 2015

During election time, I get 10 times the bs calls

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25, May. 2015

Accent too strong to understand name of company/agency calling.

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22, Sep. 2013

they called about something and offered to help. It's not a company I am with.

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7, May. 2013

They call, and call, do not leave a message and hang up. Annoying.

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28, Oct. 2012

Whoever this is called me 4 times, with 6 minutes apart from each call, very annoying. I was driving and did not answer the call. They never never left a voicemail message.

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8, Aug. 2012

They call with a recorded message. First, it is suspuscious. Second, it is an unwanted call. I hope they do not steal information from people and cause problems. These people should not be allowed to do this.