Area Code 321

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Area code: 321
State: Florida
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

He sent me gifts to get my location, the gift receipt from amazon said bill to Patricia Edwards. Don't know her connection. Thomas told me he was an agriculturist and travelled to other countriess. Wanted me to do him a favor and access his bank acct in case he needed money while out of the country, I could send it to him . All part of his scam.

23, Mar. 2017

They promised $1000 in grocery coupons.

22, Mar. 2017

They call every 2-3 days, 2 times a day.

22, Mar. 2017

A woman says shes from a collection agency as I owe a payday loan from 2011 (6 yrs ago).. Ive never gotten an online payday loan ever in my life but she had the last four of my ss an old address and the acct number to my childs savings acct from an old bank.. She threatened me with further collections and possible criminal charges. Is anyone else getting these harassing calls and what can I do about it?

20, Mar. 2017

They call with to many names of bussines say metro pcs say at&t and dont stop calling they ca

18, Mar. 2017

calling about "surgery" that I had for follow up. Did not have any surgery caller has been calling for past 6 months.

18, Mar. 2017

This company was claiming that I might have had surgeries or taken prescribed medications that have lawsuits pending.

Becky Carroll
17, Mar. 2017

Same here. They also talked in hurry. I think it was their trick, so that we can't think clearly and just give out what they have requested. Thanks to this website. People can search this number here before do what the caller says.

16, Mar. 2017

The number calls, no message left. When I called back and press recorded message states " You'll have reached a number that is disconnected or no longer in service...." SCAM OR TELEMARKETING.

14, Mar. 2017

Thank you Roy for the information, I got the calls numerous times from this number as well, and with no message left. I have no idea how to remove my number from their calling list....

10, Mar. 2017

Called me too several times but didn't leave message. Thanks for the suggestion, I will block this number from now on...

9, Mar. 2017

He called and asked, if I was the owner. I said why. He said his name and a company name (I didn't catch either). He had a heavy accent. I think maybe from India. When I asked him to repeat something I hadn't understood, he hung up.

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