Phone: 320-286-8091

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Cokato, Minnesota
Its exchange 286 is managed by EMBARQ MINNESOTA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number COKTMNXCRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 19 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Anonymous, meyer assoc."
2, Jul. 2012

Extremely annoying. Calls me many times a day. Will not stop. This is a menace!!!

8, Aug. 2012

Plz STOP call my phone,seans you dont have anything to say only when answer you hangup the phone,have little bit respect with others they are working and need to sleep

26, Oct. 2012

Won't stop calling.

27, Oct. 2012

Continuously calls with no-one there every time I answer Caller ID shows "Myers Associate"

14, Mar. 2013

Keeps calling despite asking them to take our # off their list. The last 2 times they've called, I've answered asking them what their name is since they've been asked to remove our # from their call list & both times they just hang up on me, yet keep calling. I will file a complaint if they call again.

15, Mar. 2013

Calls several times a day - - annoying - - we're on do-not-call list. STOP.

21, Mar. 2013

Calls and calls and calls. Can this be blocked?

Sincerely Annoyed
8, May. 2013

calls me twice a day. Once in morning. once at night. I don't answer it because it I don't know the number. and it's calling me on my cell which is super annoying

Irked to no end
18, May. 2013

This number keeps coming up several times a day. It says Cokato (MN). If I could reach into the phone, I would probably wring their neck. Enough already. I don't want to listen, buy, or donate. I don't answer, but I believe I will next time and someone is going to get an earful.

20, Jun. 2013

Handicapped and difficult to get to phone. These people are complete idiots. Must be kids playing on phone. People do not buy from telemarketers anymore so why do they bother. I reported number and several more to The FDC. They are do a big research on numbers like this.

18, Jul. 2013

Just one of severak calls I got today. This number shows up every so often. I know no one in Minnesota so I do not answer, but look at CID later. Very annoying.

13, Aug. 2013

Calls every day, I don't answer it, they never leave a message-They have been trying to reach me for a month straight...I HATE THIS COMPANY AND THE PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.....STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7, Oct. 2013

political party calling and asking for money they wanted a $50 donation or $100 donation for married couples...when I told them no i do not donate to anything they were rude and ung up

21, Oct. 2013

Stop calling me.

10, Feb. 2014

I have been getting calls from this number on my cell phone at all times of the day and night even waking me up early on Sunday morning, when I answer it hangs up and when when it goes to voice mail there is never a of calls in the past 2 weeks 32 call from what I suspect is a auto dailer I now have added them to the blocked phone #s on my cell ................hope they don't just use another phone # to continue driving me nuts

Alexandria va
28, Feb. 2014

Calls about same time each day . Very annoying

4, Mar. 2014

Just called the number back after receiving a billion calls from them. Got a voice mail saying that I'd reached Myer Telemarketing & that I could enter my number to be put on their no-call list. We'll see if it works! Can't hurt - they already have my number!

19, Mar. 2014

I get calls from this number many times. May call a number of times in a day. Usually close to meal time. I have caller ID so don't answer the phone when this number shows up.

Reynold Francisque
30, Mar. 2014

I am extremely tired to receive calls. Three times I answered by "Allo" and the person who call me hang up.The last call came to Sunday the 30th of March 2014. Tell the Employee who was on duty this day toSTOP otherwise I will react accordingly

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