Phone: 319-535-2931

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Mount Vernon, Iowa
Its exchange 535 is managed by NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number CDRRIADT3MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 40% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 20 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "CEBGroup, CBE Group"
29, Jul. 2013

CBE Group - Debt Collectors

1, Oct. 2013

We have received a call two days in a row now. It is a recorded message saying they are a debt collector and left the number above to call.

1, Nov. 2013

Do not know who this is are how they got this unlisted number. very rude and told them not to call back, they got the wrong #. hung up.

1, Nov. 2013


4, Nov. 2013

called, could not hear them, the call went to a recording that gave a # to call them back, calls before 8am & after 9pm Very annoying since I go to bed early. There has to be some kind of law against this kind of calls If not there should be.

6, Nov. 2013

Collection agency calling from 319-535-2931 trying to collect on debts that are 100 years past the statute of limitations for being collectable. Don\'t be fooled by these pond scum creeps. Make an online complaint about them to the Iowa Attorney General\'s office.... this will get you more bang for your buck than complaints to the Do Not Call Registry. .. and WILL get them to stop and maybe even have charges/fines brought against them.

13, Nov. 2013

Same as all the rest of the complaints. We owe nobody any back payments for anything. Harassment!!!!!!

6, Jan. 2014

They called and at first they keep you waiting then a recorded message plays briefly leaving a 1 877 number that I can never fully get because the voice is so faint and the message fast. So I just used "last call service" to figure who it was. But yes, they say they are a collection agency and I do not owe anything. A month ago a different number but same scam, trying to collect a debt from a Target card that I do not posses.

Mr. Grumpy
7, Jan. 2014

Collection Agency Trying to collect a debit from another person that does not have this number anymore. They asked who I was and I asked them what name they had. They would not give me the name so I told them the number was a new number for me and to stop calling.

13, Jan. 2014

None stop calling at late and early hours, never leaves a message.

15, Jan. 2014

They call constantly about debt collection and we owe nothing. How do you get them to stop?

31, Jan. 2014

scratchy, noisy connection.. recorded message from someone claiming to be a debt collector.. gave an 877 number for callback, then hung up..

3, Feb. 2014

call you local police dept. an then it will stop when they call the number back! harassing phone call !

20, Oct. 2015

Seems to be a Collection Agency, did not give name, waited a few seconds for a recorded message to come on, sounded like an man from India. He asked to speak to my nephew, offered to take a message, he asked when would be a good time to call back to speak to him. Told him that we don't live together and I would take a message. Declined to leave one.

28, Oct. 2015

keep calling. answered and had a recording that said to wait until a person came on line. Just hung up.

22, Dec. 2015

These idiots keep calling looking for a woman that happens to have the same last name that is one of the names in our company name. I've asked them to take us off their calling list but I have a feeling it won't help.

28, Dec. 2015

Calls me at least 3 times a week trying to collect a debt from someone I dont even know. Even though I constantly tell them I do not know that person, they still continue to call. Plus they are rude and treat me like Im a liar.

6, Jan. 2016

If I answer It goes to recording at all calls are being monitored.they call all times of days and times. I want them to stop call me

4, Feb. 2016

Called and my father answered. Asked to speak to me, badly mispronounced my name., My father said he did not know who they were talking about and they claimed they will remove the number. I do not owe anyone and everything has been paid off. Scammers!

18, Feb. 2016

Scratchy recorded message that said call may be recorded for quality control purposes. Said something else illedgible and then got a busy, hung up signal. Just simple harassment!

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