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12, Dec. 2015 Reply

Everday sometimes twice a day this call comes in.No message left I do not pick up. Interrupts when I am on other calls.

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3, Nov. 2015 Reply

AHHAAAaaaa, the Free Call Blocking Service has finally caught up with and added this unwanted caller/scammer to their list and now has these jerks blocked for free. Go on-line and Google <Free Call Blocking Service> to get info on this service, especially for those unwanted ROBO calls. In addition to the new/free (25) call blocking service with “Vonage,” we also have a Panasonic Call (30) Blocking Phone and need not add this free blocked scammer to our phone... this GREAT FREE Service now has them covered...

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28, Oct. 2015 Reply


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29, Sep. 2015 Reply

Throw them in jail and have them get up early everyday!

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22, Sep. 2015 Reply

They gave me a prize number and told me to push 1 and claim my prize or something like that.

Michael C.
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31, Aug. 2015 Reply

"Muscular Dystro" on the Caller ID. Didn't answer. No message.

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28, Aug. 2015 Reply

Trying to sell "home protection". I declined and hung up.

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21, Oct. 2014 Reply

calls my number 3 times a day. I am sick of it...If they are a collections company...I do NOT owe anyone. I pay everything on time,

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23, Jul. 2014 Reply

This guy calles telling me the same thing, that I took out a payday loan and closed my bank account after I got the money. I told him I NEVER took out a payday loan, but give me his name, address and number and I would give the info to my lawyer husband, he started telling me that he know I took out the loan because I act like a person who don't want to pay, and if I wanted his number then I need to look at my called ID. I hung up on him.

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10, Apr. 2014 Reply

We are a non-profit organization and we get several phone calls a day from this number that are just hang-ups. I contacted CBE Group and asked them to please stop, but since this is a main switchboard with multiple lines feeding into it, they cannot stop the calls because I don't know the EXACT number they are calling. It's ridiculous!

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17, Aug. 2012 Reply

These people call my number every night. Please make them stop.

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29, Jun. 2012 Reply

These people insist they are not trying to sell anything. When I asked them how they can save me money, they said thank you and hung up on me.

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30, Jan. 2012 Reply