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  • Regional statistics: Shreveport, Louisiana has a population of 196980 that is in a county of 97974 units. The city is in a county that is 882 square miles. 318-635 is available through the regional telephone switch # SHPTLAQBCG0 in the Shreveport area.
  • Other cities located around Shreveport: Pitkin (318-634) Tallulah (318-633) Minden (318-639) Pineville (318-640)
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23, Oct. 2015

When I returned from lunch, I had a voicemail that was marked "Urgent" from this number. The voice in the voicemail sounded authoritative asking for me to call back immediately. I called and it just rang and rang. I hung up.

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10, Oct. 2013

I have never spoken to omeone as rude and foul mouthed as Widaa Ajab. He told me to go "f" my mother and worse. This guy should not be allowed to deal with the public ever...

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26, Jul. 2013

New Number to Tower Loan.

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26, Jul. 2013

Will not stop calling me about wanting me to come by and borrow money!! I have called back and got a live person but still get call.

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4, May. 2013

Uses a voice activated prompt to ask you whether you are interested. I'm not sure what.