Area Code 317

Additional information:

Area code: 317
State: Indiana
Country: USA
24, May. 2017

Spammer is based in Fairland, IN Uses auto-dialer to call 4 times in less than a minute. My number on the No-Call List. Scammers & phishers don't care. Block this number for undisturbed, quiet evenings.

23, May. 2017

The caller did not identify themselves and when I tried to call them back there was a constant busy signal.

23, May. 2017

they called on 11/25 at 6pm also

23, May. 2017

We are not a customer and have never been a customer.

22, May. 2017

this call was about and extended warrenty on one of my cars I have gotten numberous calls from this and other companys and always tell them not to call.

22, May. 2017

Unable to ask to stop calling because message is recorded

22, May. 2017

Something about an Indiana emergency registry call got disconnected but tried to call back and it was just a busy signal.

22, May. 2017

This is a spam number from Colorado.

21, May. 2017

Caller asked me to turn on my computer so that he can update my Microsoft programs.

20, May. 2017

The phone call was from (949) 396-2001 Irvine, CA.

19, May. 2017

This is a collection agency, maybe for medical accounts.

19, May. 2017

This call was legitimate. It came from my account. He is working on my taxes.

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