Phone: 317-899-9976

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Indianapolis, Indiana
Its exchange 899 is managed by INDIANA BELL TEL CO INC - IN
The number is currently on switch number IPLSIN10DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 7 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Indianapolis, IN, ROBOT CALLER"
29, Oct. 2012

Trying to get me to listen to a LIVE conference call - hit 9 to opt out. I am on the do not call!

27, Jan. 2013

I am on the 'do not call' list - how can I block this number? continue to call at odd hours

Scott Newton
21, Feb. 2013

I think that as Americans it should not be allowed to have some dumb a*s f*****g random companies from god knows where in this case Indiana and I live in TX be able to call over and over again. It's bullshit I pay for my phone ,my minutes and now my time loss I now believe these f*****g cowards owe me for all 3. I'd love to invite them and take what they owe me out of their chicken s**t asses bunch of f*****g c**k gobbling tags!!!!

18, Mar. 2013

recorded message and i'm on do not call list.alot of good that list is.

28, Apr. 2013

Long recorded "conference call" that I left babbling away on a low volume speaker phone. The Federal Do Not Call list is worthless! Better yet would be a law that allows a person who receives such a call to enter a code which bills the caller for $1000 if they have violated the Do Not Call list. The $1000 would go to whoever gets called, and not the Federal Government.

21, Mar. 2014

Block this number - DO NOT ANSWER 317-899-9976 Telemarketing ROBOT VIOLATES DO NOT CALL LIST!

14, Sep. 2014

Caller ID said Indianapolis, IN. I have relatives in Indiana so answered. Disappointed to hear a recorded voice say, "Let me tell you how others are making thousands-" I hung up.

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