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6, Nov. 2017

They have continued to call even when we asked to put on do not call list.

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16, May. 2017

Received a call from this weird number . I looked it up and it looks like its the bill collectors called Central Credit Services. No idea why they're bugging me. Can someone tell me that it's really them?

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14, Jul. 2016

They have been told to take me off their list and quit calling.

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1, Apr. 2015

Hung up when I pressed #1 to talk to someone

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20, Feb. 2015

Please prosecute them strongly.

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13, Feb. 2013

They are a fraud. I asked them how they got my number and the lady hung up on me! Please file charges against the person who'm this number is registered to.

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26, Oct. 2012

These people have called me several times and I report them every time. I couldn't get through to tell them to stop calling me. Normally they hang up on me.

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28, Sep. 2012

I've received 3 calls in the last two days from this number. Today they called at 6:51 am and 7:56 am. Now, I know I have an Indianapolis area code, but I live on the other side of the country now, so that's a bit early. Plus, isn't it a law that telemarketers/collectors can't call before 9am? They haven"t yet left a message...

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22, Aug. 2012

They call and say press 1. Getting real upset with them and I don't press.

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23, Jul. 2012

They call more than once & hang up as soon as we answer.

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14, Jul. 2012

They call 4 times a week,its getting old..please stop them!

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11, Jul. 2012

They call me ever month!

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27, Jun. 2012

They call several times a night and do not leave a message.

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20, Jun. 2012

they call me every single day at different times, i have stopped answering...

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6, Mar. 2012

She thanked me for the pastry. WRONG NUMBER??

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1, Mar. 2012