Area Code 315

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Area code: 315
State: New York
Country: USA
21, Jun. 2017

Says I owe money they want a payment Of 200 dollars in ITunes card or I would be arrested for not paying it what should I do to me it sounds like a scammer I'm gonna call a lawyer see what to do.

21, Jun. 2017

IRS Scam!

21, Jun. 2017

received a call from this number at 11 PM, rang three times then they hung up. I did not answer.

19, Jun. 2017

This was a legitimate call from my security company. They said I had a sensor on one of my doors stating it was malfunctioning, which it has been, I just hadn't gotten around to calling them.. Transferred me to tech who scheduled an appt.

12, Jun. 2017

i got told it was a grant fund

8, Jun. 2017

Government grant scam. Vulgar, absence language

7, Jun. 2017

Came up as Syracuse, NY. Did not answer because I was driving at the time. They didn't leave a voicemail. I called the # back, let it ring at least 20 times until I hung up. Thought it was strange there was no voicemail or recorded message. Oh well, if they call again, I might just have a little fun at their expense. Lol 😊

6, Jun. 2017

Left a message saying to return the call or it would be intention avoidance resulting in a magistrate judge or grand jury. Call the number or good luck

5, Jun. 2017

Same thing just happened now

5, Jun. 2017

They f**ck*ng knew my name ... w.. t...f... Offering me 9 K for I didnt underatand why..

2, Jun. 2017

Caller knew my name but disconnected when I asked him who he was.

30, May. 2017

This is the technical department for Windows, telling me they are calling about my problem or case.

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