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8, Nov. 2017

Me too and when I call back to ask them questions they hang up on me! Completely fraud! I wish they’d stop calling people. The IRS will send letters, not call you and leave you a bogus messages!

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13, Aug. 2015

He claimed to be from Allstate and needed the date of birth so he would get paid.

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24, Jan. 2015

Could you please do something about them calling this number.

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12, Dec. 2014

I think this is about 5 times I have asked these people not to call.

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23, May. 2014

Said they were calling about my job application, but I did not have any applications submitted to any employers.

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27, Mar. 2013

"Thanks for your quick respond,i live in Syracuse, NY and i will like to buy it for my son,i will be more than happy if you can tell other buyer that the item has been sold because,i would like this transaction to occur within the next,And i want you to know that i can only pay you with my Paypal account so you can text me back with your PayPal acct e-mail address so i can make the payment to you right now and if you don't have an acct with PayPal you can set up an acct today as it's secured and reliable visit their website on i will be responsible for the pick up agent payment fees/charges on this transaction. Do not worry about shipping or picking up as my pick up agent will come and pick it up from you once have made the payment to you and i will also need your full Name,address cos it will be needed for the pick up arrangement.. " RED FLAGS!!!

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16, May. 2012

I keep receiving nasty text messages from this number and they keep calling after i repeatedly told them to stop texting and calling.They're calling nasty names cursing and everything and I'm tired of it.Please help!

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18, Mar. 2012