Area Code 314

Additional information:

Area code: 314
State: Missouri
Country: USA
24, Sep. 2018

The caller is speaking in very rapid Spanish, which is not a language I speak.

24, Sep. 2018

I have received several phone calls from this number.

23, Sep. 2018

I receive these call at least 3-4 times a week.

22, Sep. 2018

These people call repeatedly despite me asking them to stop.

21, Sep. 2018

Getting really tired of it, interrupting us, and no one on the other line!

21, Sep. 2018

numerous calls no body on line when I answer

21, Sep. 2018

I have stopped answering their calls, but they are annoying nonetheless.

21, Sep. 2018

do not know this number looked it up said from Jamaica

20, Sep. 2018

This was number provided to credit fraud victim and when the police investigator called back they hung up on the police.

20, Sep. 2018

Calls day night weekend.

19, Sep. 2018

Robo call claiming I won a prize.Just another telemarketing scam!

19, Sep. 2018

This sounds like scamp no spam, having been caught by Wyndham timeshare masqueraders before. Twice people have called me saying if you give X dollars, where X is over $1000, to them, they will advertise your points to people who pay 10X dollars for them, and we give you 80% of the profit within 4 months. You never hear from them again. Talking to Wyndham, they don't have a program to buy back your points.. These people claimed they are a separate company but work with Wyndham. Not true. This sounds like more of same.. I would not call them back. Block them if you can.

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