Phone: 314-669-2532

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Saint Louis, Missouri (669) exchange.
Around 22% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Delta Outsource, Delta Outsourse"
29, Jan. 2013

Has called me several times before 8 am.

13, Feb. 2013

call but wont leave a message.

5, Mar. 2013

How do we file a complaint against these idiots?

13, Mar. 2013

Just use *67 and call them and hang up on them, give them a taste of their own medicine

13, Mar. 2013

They have been calling me everyday for few months. I have told them to remove my number from their list at least 3 times, but they never stop. time to sue them?

20, Mar. 2013

I say don't call me anymore. Take me off your list. Then I hear a man's voice saying he has no list. Jerk, I just blocked their number and will report them. Think I will call and hang up on them..if I can get thru.

20, Mar. 2013

I say don't call me anymore. Take me off your list. Then I hear a man's voice saying he has no list. Jerk, I just blocked their number and will report them. Think I will call and hang up on them..if I can get thru.

9, May. 2013

Keep calling. They don't have the balls to leave a message. They are a bunch of pansie asses and that's an insult to the pansies. If you call, have the balls to leave a message otherwise do not call. Maybe they need to grow a pair. They usually during the day when I am at work. If I can answer the phone when they call I will scream in their ears.

13, Jun. 2013

Repeated calls, no message left

5, Jul. 2013

You guys! It's a debt collection service. They wouldn't have a DO NOT CALL List. And they WILL keep calling until you pay your debts. The only downside is the ambiguity they demonstrate when they call (i.e. not telling anyone who they are until you confirm your identity, after which they still may not tell you). They called me too so I googled the # and the name of the company. It's debt collection, which I'm in the same boat. Just pay your bills and they won't call anymore :)

12, Jul. 2013

these idiots do not leave messages, just scam artist, DO NOT give them any payment information. as the last person stated, "just pay your bills and they wount call anymore". HA, dont give them any information...their's a right and wrong way do do business, they have not figured the right way as yet.

13, Jul. 2013

So, they're a debt collector? I am not delinquent in my bills. From time to time I get calls for an employee I fired in 2002. Don't know why ll years later I am still being contacted. Thanks Missouri idiots-you really have a wrong number.

19, Sep. 2013

We bought a new house in a new town closer to family. We also got a new landline phone number. Since day one this company has been calling us everyday at 8am and evening at around 8:45 pm. Tried talking to them, they act accordingly, but the calls continue. They don't believe you. So, my elderly mom and I just don't answer our phone anymore. We still have to see who it is every time that it rings, though. Between this company, and several others that call throughout the day, I am ready to cancel our home phone service. I'm trying to talk my mom into using just her cell phone. But, even there, there is a problem. She has A+ credit score. Owes nobody anything, but a couple of times a week she gets these calls on her cell phone. She's had that number for years. Where do they get these phone numbers? There should be a simple solution to stop these incorrect harassing calls.

7, Nov. 2013

Asked for Peg Thompson, there is no Peg Thompson here, especially on my cell phone. He quickly accepted what i told him and hung up. If it was debt collection i would imagine they would have asked another question or repeated the name. just didn't sound right the way he so quickly accepted my answer.

2, Jan. 2014

I actually do not have any debt, so I have no idea why they are calling. I have never answered it when they call, but they've called several times from this number.

14, Jul. 2014

They are a collection agency it seems. I used to work for one so let me clear up some misconceptions I've seen. -They are probably going to call when you're at work, they don't know your schedule, all they have is a number to call. If you answer and tell them to call at a better time (give them a specific one), then they probably will. -They are not going to tell you exactly what the call is about until they confirm who you are. This is just the way it is because of federal laws. -If you tell them they have the wrong number for the person they are calling for, a collection company will usually accept it at face value, make a note on the file, and move on to trying to find the correct number to reach that person. -They should stop if you tell them they have the wrong number, if you tell them not to call anymore, or if you talk to them and find out it's a bill you know nothing about; tell them you aren't paying it, and they should stop calling. If they continue, they are in violation of the law, and can be reported.

Former Bill Collection Agent
1, Aug. 2014

here is a site with good info about what to do with these people if they are a constant annoyance. I used to be a bill collector and I know we can be annoying, but read up on what actually constitutes harassment before making judgements, I called the people back and got it cleared up pretty quickly. Ended up being like a lot of people I tried to collect bills on, I didn't actually owe it just because of a mixup or lack of communication between offices. But yeah, if they are making multiple calls before 8, that is a violation of law and you can sue them, not just the company, but also the actual collector.

11, Sep. 2014

Has been calling our number regularly & we never picked up. Finally googled the number and saw tat it was a collection agency. I called the number back and asked to speak with a supervisor (they told me the call would be recorded & I told them that I was recording as well). I declined to give my name but gave them the number that they were calling. I politely explained that we have no debt and an excellent credit rating. The supervisor was very nice, apologized profusely and told me that my number had been removed. If you don't have debt in collection you might as well answer and ask for a supervisor... that way they will stop calling.

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