314-627-2936 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "National Research Assn, Jody"
  • Around 38% of people reported it as "Unknown"
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20, Feb. 2013

Funny- I called this number back after receiving a call and got a message stating, "This number is not in service..."

27, Feb. 2013

I didn't answer this call...but when I tried to return the call...the number is disconnected. Does anyone know of any type of recourse to stop these calls?

8, Apr. 2013

Same here, call every d**n day. "This number is no longer in service." Can't we have the police in St Louis , MO track that number ?

8, May. 2013

Says I was picked from a survey that I was chosen to try out products for free and get a $100 gift card, but they wanted my credit card info for $1.29 Shipping and Handling fee!! Did not do it, told them why don't u just take it out of the #100!! They "assured" me I was protected! But I just hung up!

30, May. 2013

The system responses to your voice if you repeat yourself about 3 times. Get told "I'm sorry if I sound computer like, I do this all day. Let me get you my team lead" Call is transfered and starts over with Mary the team lead, she even asks if the trainee was polite the does the same thing as the prior rep does. If you ask a question it then says sorry, I sound like a computer I do this all day. Thank you for your time, have a nice day. ..CLICK!

4, Jun. 2013

Strange call, not message left.

17, Jul. 2013

They said I could be a product tester. And I would get 100 dollars plus be able to get 50 dollars dinner all I had to do is give my credit cars number and give 1.95 to activate it all

23, Aug. 2013


26, Aug. 2013

Says I was picked from an online survey that I was chosen to try out products for free and get a $100 gift card, plus some other $50 card/gift.me The system responses to your voice eventually gets to contacting you to "my team leader". I asked a few times what was the survey I did to win the gifts. And got " It could have been one of may on Google Yahoo or places like that" I then asked but how would that connect to this cell phone phone number as I don't give this out....Silence and a disconnect. Looking at the other posts It sounds like I never even got the chance to give then my credit card number and the keys to the kingdom. So sad... and I was feeling so gullible today.

26, Sep. 2013

Female thanks u for filling out an onnline survey and states u are going to get $100 gift card & a $50 dine in restaurant card for "Sample Awards". States that u will receive sample products in rye mail to try. She says all this and asks u to say she did well on the call to the team leader to provide information. I was placed on hold & music came on & I hung up. I wasn't going to give any info over the phone....don't remember doing a survey

26, Sep. 2013

Read the previous posts and it seems that everyone went through the same process. They requested my VISA/Masters Card number and name so I can pay for the "shipping and handling" of the package that was to be sent. Hung up immediately after that and google the number. This "Sample Awards" thing doesn't even exist.

4, Oct. 2013

As stated before, female calls offering $100 and $50 gift cards for trying two services on a 15-day trial. They request $1.95 in advance to process each of the gift cards. After speaking with a supervisor, I warily gave my debit card number to cover the $3.90 total in "processing". They tell you that you have 15-day free trial on both services, which are actually worthless scams. Four business days later a letter arrived promising the gift cards. Unfortunately, the $100 gift card is actually four $25 gift cards from four online stores that no one has even heard about. The $25 amount is set so that absolutely nothing of value can be purchased (once the $4.97 shipping per item is tacked on). I also found out that the 15-day trial period begins the day that they call you, rather than the date that the letter arrives. This whole transaction has left a bitter taste in my mouth. Were I not so dirt poor that a $100 gift card seemed like a juicy inducement, I would have adamantly refused this offer as others so wisely have. Please DO NOT fall for this scam.

9, Oct. 2013

Just to follow up with my previous comment. The other reason for not agreeing to any type of free trial offer is that the cancellation procedure requires that the service rep try to sell you the service at a reduced rate. No matter how many times, you tell them that you wish to cancel, their reply is that company procedures mandate them to make you those offers. Bottom line, the cancellation process can take upwards of 7 minutes of your precious time before they will finally accept your cancellation. I did manage to cancel both services, but the process was extremely frustrating. Again, I repeat DO NOT ACCEPT this offer.

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