Area Code 313

Additional information:

Area code: 313
State: Michigan
Country: USA
17, Dec. 2017

I wish this person that be calling trying to scam leave me alone. I don't appreciate it that they called me and try to scam me and I want to stop it and hit the road jack and don't called me anymore.

17, Dec. 2017

these corrupt foreigners could not function.

17, Dec. 2017

I blocked that number but the most current is the info listed above

Dr Suzanne
16, Dec. 2017

I love messing with these guys. Tried the Do Not Call route and when that didn't work I just pretended to play along. They think they are talking to an old lady (I kept my grandma's number after she passed) so I slowly slowly pretend to open the computer, get interrupted by my "grandchildren", ask lots of questions, am hard of hearing, and finally reveal I'm on a machine with a half eaten apple on it. Since they are pretending. to fix Windows they know they can't keep going so they finally hang up. I also used a recording of the "this number is no longer in service" last year which worked for a long while.

16, Dec. 2017

I have requested them to not call twice now, yet the automated call continue!

16, Dec. 2017

I have told them to stop calling and that I_m not the person they are looking for, but they continue to harass me with daily phone calls.

15, Dec. 2017

Comcast... I said I wasnt interested, they keep calling. Had two different people before I stopped answering. They still call. Dont leave messages.

15, Dec. 2017

Some days as many a 6 calls in a single day starting at 8:15 AM through 9:00 PM.

15, Dec. 2017

Annoying. Scam.

15, Dec. 2017

They called, I did not answer, they did not leave a message.

15, Dec. 2017

I took a call and requested that I be taken off of their calling list on October 15, 2013.

15, Dec. 2017

Just called me at about 7:45pm. I get a lot of spam calls from numbers I don't recognize, so I didn't answer. I figure if they actually want to talk to me they can leave a message. No message was left.

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