Area Code 313

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Area code: 313
State: Michigan
Country: USA
22, May. 2018

Said I took a loan over internet with email i never had. Gonna take me to Court to collect.

22, May. 2018

no one on other end, no messages left.

21, May. 2018

I do not know this phone number, and it is a long distance phone number.

21, May. 2018

calling to ask if I was pro or against abortion

20, May. 2018

I may be reached after 5pm EST for any questions.

20, May. 2018

I guess this is just another example of how well our government works.

17, May. 2018

Getting sick of these solicitors..using similar numbers and tell you they are going to start you up for a quote on medical insurance.. I don't think so..I don't kneed the aggravation.

15, May. 2018

I care for my 90 year old father.

15, May. 2018

Press 1 to make an appt., press 8 to be taken off the list.

15, May. 2018

Tired of being bothered by all of the 313-209-72XX numbers!! I haven't answered any of them & they don't leave a message. How many different numbers can they possibly have?! I block each one as it comes in, but I get at least a dozen calls a day. Very annoying!!

15, May. 2018

I continue to ask them to stop calling.

14, May. 2018

One of those numbers that call but do not leave a message.. had a 2 second blank v message before they hung up... most likely a scam or they would leave a valid message

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