Phone: 313-766-0092

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Detroit, Michigan
Its exchange 766 is managed by PAC-WEST TELECOMM, INC. - MI
The number is currently on switch number DTRTMIVWDSZ (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "none given, Convergent Reso"
20, Nov. 2012

The recorded message when I answered said to press 1 if I was the person they named in the message. I pressed 1 and somebody came and said they were calling on behalf of Pegasus then asked me to verify the last four of my SS # and my address. I told them no, because I didn't know the reason for the call. The person said they couldn't talk to me without verification and hung up

27, Nov. 2012

This number calls all the time. I decided to call it back from my landline while blocking my number. After five or more attempts I got a live person. They said who they were so fast i had them repeat 3 times and still don't know. They asked the # they called. I gave it they asked for my name and said their calling about my Chase bank account. They asked for my last 4 of my soc # and address. I refused so they said they can not help me then hung up.

22, Jan. 2013

Same as Nathan, above

26, Jan. 2013

I have received four (4) "messages" on my voice mail, but they are ALL just a partial word then disconnect??? I cannot imagine WHAT I would have heard if I had ever "picked up".

7, Feb. 2013


6, Mar. 2013

they call me as well.. but i call them back at least 35 times a day ad mess with them tellin them they owe $642,000 on a past due account... lol

3, Sep. 2013

They call like a bill collector but when you ask them what kind of business they are they won't tell you. Only will talk to person they ask for. tell you it's a business matter but when you say you have no business with anyone like them they hang up

13, Nov. 2013

So sick of them calling every night. Pretty sure I have gotten phone calls like this before. I always hang up. The last time I just pushed 4 for the wrong number. Hope they quit calling.

11, Dec. 2013

Just answered a call from 313-766-0092. A lady quickly said she was calling from Advance America and asked if I was "Dempsie". I said I was and she informed me that the call was being recorded and for verification purposes she needed to ask me questions. I told her I wasn't verifying anything unless I knew what she was calling about. She said Advance America was calling on behalf of Citizens Bank and Charter One with information important to me. Again I told her that I have no business associated with either bank and was not giving her any verifying information. She said she had to end the call because she couldn't verify who I was. I believe I ended the call first. I won't answer again. The only thing on the internet for Advance America is that they are a pay loan advance company. I have seen their small stores in the Detroit metro area. If it's the same Advance America I have no clue how they would have any information about me to verify. Sounds like a ploy to get info. I do have calls every evening from them between 8 & 9 pm for the last week.

7, May. 2014

Weird! My in response to "Dempsie's" comment: MY 8yr OLD SONS NAME IS DEMPSEY! This is obviously some kind of scam. I don't know how to get in contact with you "Dempsie" but I'm super curious if we are related, shared a past phone number, address or something like that and bill collectors or salesmen are phishing our info.

20, Jun. 2014

Asked for me by my maiden name (it's been 12 years! Don't know how they got my new number!!) Asked me to verify my last 4 of SS#. I said no. Then asked me to verify my address. Again, I said no. She then said that they cannot speak to me unless I verify my identity. I said, "ok, good bye", and hung up. Sounded like phishing to me! Now that I see the other comments and know they are using other company names, I am sure of it. I wonder if there is an agency that can track them down?

18, Jul. 2014

They are very persisted, I didn't want to give up mu info but the way they been calling me I thought it was important. I guess they make they money by calling if I had the money I would make a payment, theyn want all off it today. He had question after question, I hung up

3, Oct. 2014

Convergent Scam Receive calls regularly from this number (and sometimes an 800 number with same name). Call me at least 2 - 3 times per week over last 4 - 6 months. At any time day or evening. I never pick up, they never leave a message. Google search for Convergent Reso and it comes up as a company called Convergent Resources (an outsourcing company). It's a real company that scams people trying to collect debts. They say you have a debt, probably with a company you've never done business with. Or a company that you do business with but the account numbers don’t match yours. They claim they will 'settle' the debt for 50% of what they say you owe. Truth is, you don't owe the money and they are hoping to get you to pay them. Read this story here: Hope this helps.

23, Nov. 2015

I called this number back after they tried to call me a lady got on and said she was calling from convergent (I believe) on behalf of Sprint asked me to verify my address. I told her no this was a scam and hung up. Thank you to the others here that left their comments. I didnt give up no information.

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