Phone: 313-355-5246

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Detroit, Michigan (355) exchange.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "did not identify, who knows"
12, Jun. 2013

When I searched for a way to stop these calls, 313-355-5248 came up and I tried an advise to see if it'll work for 313-355-5246 and yes! it did. It's a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers that want to minimize complaints and save time not calling people who don't want to be called. All you need to do is call 866-246-7196 and give them the caller's phone number to verify it's on their list and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call list.

12, Jun. 2013

Got a call from this number. I didn't answer. They left no message.

12, Jun. 2013

14, Jun. 2013

they called but did not say anything...

17, Jun. 2013

left message for auto warranty coverage.

This is a spoof phone call
17, Jun. 2013

I got a call on my cell phone on June 17, 2013, 3:10 pm. from 313-355-5246 According to Caller ID it was from "American Beauty Pageant." I answered the call and a voice said, "This is your last notice that your vehicle warranty is about to expire…." I hung up.

18, Jun. 2013

I just rejected a call from this number which I did not recognize..

18, Jun. 2013

Left a blank message on my cell phone.

19, Jun. 2013

Called my cell phone. I called back and got the busy signal. Sounds like a telemarketer. I have a prepaid ATT phone. Based on all of the other comments, it is likely a telemarketer. No one I know for sure.

20, Jun. 2013

They called today, 6-20-13. I was busy at the time and could not pickup. Upon calling back all I could get was a busy signal. So I guess it is not from someone with urgent business for me.

24, Jun. 2013

When I called the number back they had an automated message that said if you would like to be placed on the do not call list to push 1. It said it could take up to 48 business hours to process.

9, Jul. 2013

Just got a missed call from them.. they did not leave a voice mail.

10, Jul. 2013

Got a call from this number. I didn't answer. They left no message.

11, Jul. 2013

didn't answer, brief silence and hangup on voicemail

15, Jul. 2013

I received a call from this number today 7/15/13 and wasn't able to pick up at the time. The caller didn't leave a message

15, Jul. 2013

1:07PM PST 07/15/2013 'warranty on your vehicle may have expired' scam I hung up after 7 seconds. I don't own any vehicles made this century.

16, Jul. 2013

Had a call on July 10, 2013 from 313-355-5246. They called my google number but I don't have a voicemail set up for that number so they couldn't leave a message.

17, Jul. 2013

Keeps leaving blank "messages" in my company's general voicemail box. @ MIRIAM: We have been on the national DNC registry for two years; I'd say its effectiveness is limited to legitimate business, as scammers don't really care.

18, Jul. 2013

Called my work phone. I work for State Government. Wasn't at work at the time. The look of all the different names of company's sounds like a scam for sure.

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