Area Code 312

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Area code: 312
State: Illinois
Country: USA
26, Sep. 2018

The phone calls from this place are annoying. Someone please, put a stop to this. I have reported the caller but no one appears to care.

25, Sep. 2018

Clearly a fraudulent company posing as citibank.

25, Sep. 2018

Block them,

24, Sep. 2018

In fact, my number is allegedly not even in their system, but their auto dialed is calling me because my number is close.

24, Sep. 2018

I assume this is some kind of telemarketing scam.

24, Sep. 2018

If I ask them not to hang up, they hang up on me.

23, Sep. 2018

My hands are trembling and how I am going to go through this show is a question. I require the proceeds out of the show to spend on my son who has to go through a bi-pass surgery and the family is short of money for the hospital. All what is echoing in my mind is the voice of the rep who telephoned me and the rude language he used on me. So many phone calls within a week and the last phone call came about 15 seconds ago. I am feeling awful when I think of the crowd. Well I am not responsible for this state and all the blame should go to those idiotic jerks who have been giving calls at inconvenient times No two words! everyone will say I got stage fright. I really don’t want to bother

23, Sep. 2018

Sirius has been notified not to call, but the calls persist.

22, Sep. 2018

Awesome iPhone app. If some call is coming from a bill collection agency I can block it. I really am crazy about my smartphone.

21, Sep. 2018

we would like to give you a free dinner just for scheduling." That is when we hang up."

21, Sep. 2018

There is never a way to tell them we want them to stop contacting us because it's either dead air or a recording.

21, Sep. 2018

They got me too! I’m putting a freeze on my accounts!

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