Area Code 312

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Area code: 312
State: Illinois
Country: USA
20, Jun. 2017

I received 3 calls from the 312-605-9730 above with a recorded message about a Best Buy package delivery. I do not have any packages from any store for delivery. This appears to be a scam.

20, Jun. 2017


Annoyed by SPAM
16, Jun. 2017

312-586-7085 called 2:52pm on 14 Jun 2017. CID reads Triple V. Message a Robocall re Current Credit Card Account. "There are no problems currently with your account. Your eligibility expires shortly so please consider this your final notice. To speak with a live operator and lower your rates to 6.9 %. Thank You."

15, Jun. 2017

Requested dick-pics from us, said if we don't comply she would call my wife. I feel Violated now.

13, Jun. 2017

For past 3months I have ask this person to stop calling most of the time it will be a female the same female over and over. And most time when I answer my phone will hang up.

13, Jun. 2017

I got the same call from 626-205-9634 ... so creepy and seedy!!!

10, Jun. 2017

got a call about 10:30 last night. Thought it was someone who dialed wrong number. Then this morning there's a call about 7:30. So someone is using their work phone for personal business, or it's a person calling for a business at bad hours. So I'd guess it's a telemarketer.

Finds Phishers
10, Jun. 2017

Silly Sad Phisher! Thinks he'll fool someone into answering this FAKE number. HAHAHAHA! Now everyone knows - DO NOT ANSWER this number. (hey phishy! do your small hands keep you company on lonely nights) Sooooo stupid

Dennis Bird
9, Jun. 2017

Chicago Process Servers 70 W. Madison St.reet Chicago, IL 60606

2, Jun. 2017

To decline the survey and be removed from our list press nine.

1, Jun. 2017

The company tried to sell me computer support services for Windows software.

1, Jun. 2017

I hope you can stop this madness and do something immediately.

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