Phone: 312-854-0140

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Chicago, Illinois
Its exchange 854 is managed by RCN TELECOM SERVICES OF ILLINO
The number is currently on switch number CHCGILACDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 9 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Mason Media Group, Insurance Auto Services"
26, Mar. 2013

Called me once and I ignored and called me right back again.

7, Aug. 2013

Automated message about paying too much for auto insurance.

13, Aug. 2013

This company claims to be working with the Illinois DMV and also working with insurance companies like State Farm, Travelers, etc...It's a SCAM ! ! !

22, Aug. 2013

Automated message regarding paying too much for auto insurance. Number is registered to Mason Media Group.

22, Aug. 2013

Auto insurance spam.

23, Aug. 2013

They called my unlisted cell phone and left the ususal histerical call about my auto insurance "problem". I returned the call to ask to be removed from the list. The all of the woman were completely rude and hung up on me FIVE TIMES!!! Why are they allowed to be in business?

26, Aug. 2013

Fake auto insurance/warranty scam!! They have called & left voice messages three times. These are some pretty audacious scumbag con artists to claim they are with the DMV! The recording claims your records indicate that you are paying too much for car insurance. I can tell you 100% this is bogus because 1) I don't own a car or any other vehicle that would be registered and 2) I don't drive and even my ID card is not from IL (I only live here part of the year) so there is just no way this could be anything legit. Never trust any of these automated calls or texts claiming to be from some reputable company or government agency, they're almost always a rip off. I don't know if reporting them to the DNC or FCC will do much good but I'm going to anyways. These people should be shut down and thrown in the pen for this kind of BS!

Mason Media Group
12, Sep. 2013

Hello, I am with Mason Media Group and this number 312.854.0140 no longer belongs to our company. Our company did not call you or anyone else. Our company released this number back to the hosting company - Flowroute - at the first of March 2013. If you have a home number with Verizon (or any carrier) and you cancel and get service with a new company, Verizon will reassign your old number. In our case, Flowroute reassigned our old number, which is now with a company who is doing robo calls. We have notified Flowroute and they have confirmed that the number is with one of their clients, but they cannot legally release who has that number without a court order. You can contact Flowroute at 1.206.641.8000. We have tried to call the old number and act like a customer, but ultimately have not been able to obtain any additional information.

18, Sep. 2013


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