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5, Aug. 2014 Reply

Have ask this company to stop calling, but they continue to call multiple times during the day.

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9, Feb. 2013 Reply

these people keep calling with prerecorded messages. then they change there numbers and call again. using up all my cell minutes. please help!

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7, Feb. 2013 Reply

They ask me if I need cash...I don't know what their product is.

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18, Jan. 2013 Reply

A call from this number,to collect a debt,which I agreed to have an amount debited from my account,found the amount had been debited twice, Still trying to get the wrongful transcation reversed.

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5, Dec. 2012 Reply

I pressed the button to be removed from the telemarketing list, but this has never worked on this recording before, so I doubt it worked this time.

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24, Nov. 2012 Reply

There was no company name mentioned.

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19, Oct. 2012 Reply

No person to ask to stop calling.

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6, Oct. 2012 Reply

They act like they're affiliated with google.

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15, May. 2012 Reply

always call weekdays, i dont know who give them my number