Phone: 312-529-9717

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Chicago, Illinois
Its exchange 529 is managed by AT&T - LOCAL - IL
The number is currently on switch number CHCGILCLDSC (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 41% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 31 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Survey Company, ???"
16, Apr. 2013

Will not answer phone. A solicitation call on my cell phone. Isn't that illegal?

16, Apr. 2013

Somebody is calling me too from this number, I have no idea who is because I don't have nobody who live there. Stop please Im getting tired.

25, Apr. 2013

Seems that they have been calling every other day . Try to call them back and get busy signal.

26, Apr. 2013

same here missed calls on cell

27, Apr. 2013

Tried calling my cell once a day the past few days. left a message one time that just sounded like alarm beeping... Wish they would stop calling.

9, May. 2013

ge a call from this number dont know whether i should answer

26, May. 2013

So tired of getting these calls from area code 312. They just won't stop!!!

27, May. 2013

these number is repeatedly calling me and hanging up everyday...

3, Jun. 2013

Called asked questions about my community, and then went into religious questions and was really digging to see if we are Jewish. I repeatedly told her that we are on the do not call registry. She said that she is not a telemarketer. I told her to take us off the list, she says that there is no list. Ugh! How do I get them to stop calling?

5, Jun. 2013

called my cell, did not leave a message. Am on the no call list

9, Jun. 2013

Have been getting these calls regularly. Decided to answer, asked, who are you. Reply the Labor Dept. They hung up.

13, Jul. 2013

always do i make this stop? extremely annoying!

22, Jul. 2013

This number 312-529-9717 called me twice, I speak a few languages because of my job, last phone call I received was last night Sun. 07-14-13 at 7:05pm and I answered and spoke in German, I immediately was hung up upon and never heard from these guys since. Btw, this tactic worked with numerous other scam and telemarketing calls, just a tip to minimize your unwanted phone calls.

12, Aug. 2013

The number 312 529 9717 would call me everyday and I didn't answer but when I answered they were like we want to ask you you some questions

5, Sep. 2013

I have been getting calls from this number. I don't answer. But for those who do.... I was told by someone that if you tell the people to stop calling you and they continue, its harassment. They can be sued. I was told you can get about $1,500 per call. You have to keep a list of when they call. Save it on your call log. Write stuff down.etc. . I really wish I didn't have a phone. but in order to have internet.... lucky me!

12, Sep. 2013

I have an idea, sign this number of for surveys, and solicitation calls. Everyone go to one of these types of sites and put in 312 529 9717 as the contact number.

5, Oct. 2013

This number calls several times every day. I don't answer. What to do about It??????????

19, Nov. 2013

Tired of the calls on my cell TOO

6, Dec. 2013

It started a few days ago.... I would get a call on my cell pretty constantly. Every other day or so until I blocked it. Before I blocked it I searched the number online and found a TON of complaints. This caller could just be a prankster or something more serious. Whoever this is they seem to be praying on people from the east coast.

27, Dec. 2013

Just got another call, same number, last 2 times about political survey in Washington DC I asked both times do not call me again. Well they just called again about an energy survey in Washington DC. I got his name, Preston, I told him I have asked repeatedly not to call me now this is harassment. Preston yelled on the phone F--h You, then hung up on me.

30, Dec. 2013

Hanged up

26, Apr. 2014

called to do a survey about taking the train versus driving or flying for the us department of transportation. very polite. had no complaints.

1, May. 2014

scammer calls wont give up

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