Phone: 312-489-2154

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Chicago, Illinois
Its exchange 489 is managed by CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON
The number is currently on switch number CHICIL16607 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 57% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 38 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Private Caller, 312-489-2154"
23, Jul. 2013

I will never answer a call from Chicago. No one I know lives in Chicago. Stupid telemarketers stop calling.

24, Jul. 2013

answered the phone. they said can i talk to stephanie, i said this is she... they hung up? they call every 30 mins on the dot.

25, Jul. 2013

I wish they would stop calling me this is the 5th time in 1 day. IM ON A NO CALL LIST!

25, Jul. 2013

I honestly missed the call that came from this number; got to the phone too late. They didn't leave a message and when I went to call it back to see who it was and what they wanted, I got the message "The number you have dialed is unallocated." I've never heard of this before! I'm guessing because they didn't leave a message, it must not be that important.

26, Jul. 2013

Signed up on a job site to apply for a job I wanted. Instead of finding a job I need I get spammed. Three calls in 2 days. Told them to stop. Betting they wont.

29, Jul. 2013

Ever since I filled out a job application for the Hyatt, I have been swamped with spam & calls. Spam: as many as 60 a day Calls: 3 different numbers up to 10 a day each. So much for privacy!

29, Jul. 2013

30 minutes, 3 calls from this number. This is bordering on harassment!

30, Jul. 2013

This number started calling me just today and has called five times in 3 hours. No voicemail was left, so I knew it wasn\'t something important. Very annoying that they are calling period, but to call repeatedly is just even more ridiculous!

31, Jul. 2013

call 2x per day for weeks, call back and it says # has been disconnected.

Another annoyed
1, Aug. 2013

Same comments as above, just trying to put another comment. GGGrrrhhh!

1, Aug. 2013

Phoned me 4 times in 2 hours. Who do they think they are? I'm also on a do not call list!! I just don't answer.

Get A Life
1, Aug. 2013

I have applied for some jobs online then just minutes later I have been getting numerous calls from this number. They never leave a message but I have gotten 6+ calls in just 4 hours

2, Aug. 2013

These people called me six times today, even after I repeatedly asked them to stop calling me.

2, Aug. 2013

I get a call from this number about every week and just got a call from them 5 mins ago. They called asking for Misti and I said this she and they hung up? When I call back it says the number is now alicated? Or something.

2, Aug. 2013

There is a new phone scam going around where if you have a smartphone and pick up they can somehow hack your information, phone number, SSN, credit card numbers and everything, so if you do not know the number I would encourage you to not pick up and then google the number before you do anything, and that is what I've done with this number and I haven't been able to find any reliable information about it, so I deem it as sketchy, however I am getting quite frustrated with their multiple calls.

5, Aug. 2013

I have received a call 6 times today every hour starting at 8a... they don't leave a message and I have not picked up, mainly because I am at work and don't have the time. I will not answer now, seeing the comment about being able to hack from it.

6, Aug. 2013

I received 6 calls from this number yesterday in the span of 2 1/2 hours.

6, Aug. 2013

This number will not stop calling. For the past 2 weeks now they have called me. And it's an Illinois number and I know no one from Illinois and beings they don't leave a message, I highly doubt it's important, but non the less it's annoying. They called me 5 times yesterday, just called me again today about 5 minutes ago. Whoever these people are calling, need to clearly get a life, especially if it's just spam!

6, Aug. 2013

Called me once at work. I explained that I was working to call later. He did three times in 5 minutes. I blocked his call, then texted to never call me again. Still calls once a day. Leaves a voice mail of nothing, just the hang-up.

7, Aug. 2013

Submitted resume to jobsite,been bombed with calls from this number, called back from another line and it just disconnects,i even have some weird sounds like someone scratching then hanging up?

8, Aug. 2013

I don't know who it is

9, Aug. 2013

After doing the job seeker web site, I have been receiving calls from this number. I went back into my account info and changed my number to theirs. Can't beat them join them.

14, Aug. 2013

Just got my 4th call from this number today. I answered earlier, only to be told I was on hold. I tried to call the number back, to see who it is, but I got an error message.

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