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20, Mar. 2018

This is getting annoying!

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17, Mar. 2018

Obviously he was lying.

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19, Dec. 2017

Do not call me again.

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15, Dec. 2017

No name just if I don't call back I'll go to jail. Reverse look up shows owner of number is "Ashutosh Jha" Chicago, Ill. Really glad other agree it's a scammer. Number being handled by a company for hobbyist. Can't be lagit. They didn't say who message is for either.

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14, Dec. 2017

was told I had 4 actions against me and if I didn't call I was going to be picked up by the cops.... not police or authorities they said cops.

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28, Nov. 2017

They call me at least 3 times everyday.

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4, Oct. 2017

They have called before and are using a different "spoof" number to call me from a local one.

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27, Sep. 2017

Woke up at night to answer phone that was silent.

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4, Apr. 2017

several weeks ago to stop calling, they still call.

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23, Sep. 2016

A voicemail was left on my cell telling me that the IRS had a lawsuit against me and I must call back immediately. I was bored so i called back and when he answered immediately, I said, "WOW. That was quick for the IRS!" ---and he hung up. Saddened at our abbreviated relationship, I gave the phone to my husband,. He was able to waste this Indian person's time for maybe five minutes, before the gentleman hung up on him.

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15, Aug. 2016

Numerous calls leaving a message

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13, Aug. 2016

I'm extremely frustrated with this.

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12, Aug. 2016

under different names and phone numbers, continually with recorded messages concerning my credit card rating.

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31, Jul. 2016

could not be used for gambling, drugs, etc.

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19, Jul. 2016

We purchased a car with a free 90 day period of sirius xm.

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27, May. 2016

there was a long pause, followed by a "Goodbye." Then the line was disconnected."

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10, Feb. 2016

I don't answer these types of calls.

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2, Nov. 2015

The number showing up on your caller ID is for a fax machine for the military in Illinois. A man from a third world country is spoofing (faking ) this number on your caller ID. He wants you to either send him a gift card or give him your banking route number and account number so he can buy a wife and move out of his one bedroom apartment that he shares with his grandparents. Next time he calls you, tell him LUCY told him it's not the Americans who are scum, but the men who claim Ghandi is their role model that he is an embarrassment to his ancestors and to go to hell.

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22, Jul. 2015

I'm on do not call list so why am I still getting these calls?

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21, Apr. 2015

Trying to say they serve papers for the court what gets me they can't even find my number in their system told them call me again my cousin is an attorney told them I will have him take care of it

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18, Apr. 2015

Other numbers used are 123-456-7809, 000-000-0000

Buster O Scams
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18, Feb. 2015

Scam loan co trying to harvest info to steal identity's. BeWare Very obnoxious when you won't give up your info. Threatens to call every hour till you give them your info.

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13, Feb. 2015

Most of the time, I have noticed the number on my caller ID, but the caller has never left a message.

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11, Feb. 2015

This number KEEPS calling! I ask to speak to a manager, they give me to some guy that calls him a CEO (yea right) and continues to call me after I asked them to stop!

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10, Feb. 2015

I was asked if I wanted to change my electric company.

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31, Jan. 2015

they keep calling me at all different time.

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28, Jan. 2015


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23, Jan. 2015

Companies are getting slick with using same area code as you live in.

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23, Jan. 2015

Has called once per day for the past two days. Never had calls from them before. They never leave a message. I know I shouldn't have, but I called the number back out of curiosity and heard what sounded like foreigners speaking back and forth. Then one of them yelled into the phone "hello" three times back to back and I hung up.

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23, Jan. 2015

Calls started on 5/15 and have continued.

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23, Jan. 2015

This number constantly calls and say nothing. I return the call and someone just say hello and hang up.

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21, Jan. 2015

Called 2 times in less then 24 hours.

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13, Jan. 2015

The call was asking if I wanted to refinace my home.

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23, Dec. 2014

Wanted to offer me a loan. Immediately knew it was a scam as he was unable to quote interest rates (and didn't know how to calculate percentages) and sounded very unprofessional. I decided to have some fun and led him on for 20 mins about how interested I was. They'll loan you any amount you ask for but require the first months loan payment to be made up front. I told him to just deduct it from the loan balance and send the money over... Obviously that didn't go over well with him. He cursed me out and hung up. I win.

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28, Nov. 2014

I have recieved multiple daily calls from this company for months

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24, Nov. 2014

What good is DO CALL LIST if you are not doing anything to these people

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15, Nov. 2014

this number calls my cell phone no less than 4 times a day and the calls are all an hour apart.

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31, Oct. 2014

The call offered a reverse mortgage. Why can't you stop these calls?!

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26, Aug. 2014

I need this to stop immediately

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14, Aug. 2014

Nobody speaks....SCUMBAG SCAMMER!

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2, Aug. 2014

this company claims the national do not call registry does not apply to them. I will write the authorities a letter expressing my concerns about their actions and lack thereof.

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22, Jul. 2014

They are calling to sell more products. This is a trick. Their vendors are hiding behing a company. name to say we authorizzed them to place the calls.

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15, Jul. 2014

I received two calls from this number today. The good thing about my phone is that I can block numbers that aren't in my contacts list. But I wish that they would stop calling.

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8, Jul. 2014

Wanted me to press 1 to speak to someone, press 3 to have them stop calling. A message was left on my machine, but they have called numerous times before and I have pressed 3 to have them remove me from their list.

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31, May. 2014

He won't stop calling and asking me to make love. He tells me he found my number on

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29, May. 2014

Claimed he was from a loan company that my loan for $6000 was approved and that they were actually going to give me $10,000. All I needed to do was verify my information and they would transfer the money into my checking account. I explained to the man I did not apply for a loan. He said he had the application right in front of him and became aggressive with me. I told him to shred the application that I haven't nor would I fill out any loan applications because I am sick. I ended up hanging up on him. He was trying to tell me my husband may have submitted the application. All I needed to do was verify what he already knew.

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29, Apr. 2014

This number is being used as a spoof #by a guy claiming to be from the named agency. He gave my wife a complaint file # and an 866 number to call back on. When she confronted him about the 312 area code number told him he was in Chicago he immediately got defensive and said "I'm in San Bernardino and my area code is 909." He would not give her the rest of the number, but said that they had tried to contact her 2 times in the last 9 days and were unable to do so. No one has tried to contact her over the past 9 days, someone is always here. So I called the 866# and got a switchboard. Gave them the file number and they couldn't find who to direct me to until I gave them the TRS name. Got a guy on the phone who had all sorts of mixed up information that was incorrect. He transferred me to his super, who pulled up a file with correct information and proceeded to tell me the same story about the delivery service trying to contact my wife. I told him he was getting ripped off if that was the case as no one has done so.(remember someone is always here) I asked how much he was paying for this service and he said 350.00. I told him to get his money back and that I had been an operations manager for several years and what I did if someone did not perform up to expectations. Told him about the Chicago #. He said he was going to call it as soon as he got off the phone with me and find out who was using it. YMAX Communications in IL owns the number. From what I have been able to gather they sell or rent blocks of numbers to people that originate with them, so that this number shows up when calling. The person may be using the 312 #, but can say anything they want about where they are calling from. Bottom line is that it is a collection agency when you finally track down the people. The people that are contacting you in this way are using questionable tactics in their process. The bill in question is over 6yrs old and I had already spoken with the company about it and had let them know about my arraignments. This company may be on the up and up about the accounts, and the final fellow I spoke to was not impolite in the least, so this is my experience with this number. Not positive or negative, just annoying, as I am planning my baby sisters funeral.

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3, Mar. 2014

Unable to ask them to stop calling as it is a recorded call. I do not know this company.

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1, Feb. 2014

He had my email address and name. Said that I had applied for a 20,000 personal loan. when I told him that I had ever apply for a loan he told me in order to cancel, I would have to pay a cancellation fee of 500 dollars. I repeated that I had not applied for a loan, and I needed the information of whomever had applied for a loan in my name. He told me he that I could either accept the loan, pay the 500 dollar cancellation fee, or he would file criminal charges. Responded by saying he should go ahead and do so, that way him and his company with completely go under. He then hung up.

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21, Jan. 2014

They call me every day if not 4 or 5 times a day can not hear caller for all the background noise of other ppl talking. When I call this number back and ask what company this was the told non of my f------ business,and do not call you mf'n b---ch. then they called me back bout 5 minutes later making all kinds of weird noises. freakin idiots.

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18, Jan. 2014

They said I had been approved for a $7,000 loan. They called repeatedly.

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4, Nov. 2013

Calling my job and cell numerous times of the stating I owe them money. I asked them to send me documentation and an address so I could write them a letter to cease all calls. Calling from a magic jack phone. Individuals have a heavy Indian/Middle East accent.