Area Code 310

Additional information:

Area code: 310
State: California
Country: USA
29, May. 2017

I immediately asked for his credintials.

29, May. 2017

This is excessive and I called them to tell them to stop and they continue to call!

29, May. 2017

Advised him to check his records, call history to this number and check his calling list against the registry before he calls anyone.

29, May. 2017

Listed below are the recent dates and times from this caller: Nov 27 - 10:21 am & 6:57 pm Nov 30 - 9:54 am Dec 1 - 11:34 am & 8:50 pm

29, May. 2017

I should not be harassed about it.

29, May. 2017

and it made several computer sounds and hung up.

29, May. 2017

Calls are all unsolicited, unwanted.

29, May. 2017

Credit card solicitation to a Cellular phone

29, May. 2017

Calling # was blocked, I asked caller for her phone number and she provided it.

28, May. 2017

Maybe a Nigerian fraud.

28, May. 2017

The message said there is to be a 12% rate increase in electrical billing and to press 1 if we were against it.

27, May. 2017

Basically the same as the comments above. This number has called me 3 times today, no message was left. I will block this number. I just wanted to also mention I've been receiving a lot of calls like this from different numbers recently and a couple of the numbers, have left some messages. Its a recording of a man talking about health insurance. I have health insurance. Why would they be calling me???? And where did they get my number???? I just thought I mention the other numbers because of the comment above said their call from this number was regarding insurance.

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