Area Code 310

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Area code: 310
State: California
Country: USA
23, Sep. 2017

I have been on it for a long time.

22, Sep. 2017

I've had more spammer calls every day, even late at night, not too long after I put my name on the do not call list. What's up with that? The 866 do not call list, been sabotaged by hackers for spammers?

22, Sep. 2017

at the end of the recorded call, an option was given to press 9 if i wanted my phone # deleted from their call list, so i did so.

22, Sep. 2017

Therefore they call five sometime six times a day.

22, Sep. 2017

I have been receiving calls from the above numbers for approximately four weeks.

21, Sep. 2017

one of the newer ones where the system pretends to be a live person.

21, Sep. 2017

This is the first call of this month.

21, Sep. 2017

Multiple calls from Google over past few months. They continue despite my "pushing 2" to be removed from list, and asking real people to do same.

21, Sep. 2017

Dimwitted CRIMINALS. Yes, the same criminal gang. Just a new phone number, which reflect just how dimwitted they are. This criminal group exists through the support of our greedy politicians, who share in the profits of crime. Nothing will ever be done in California to stop these criminal gangs from calling us. These criminals exist due to the support of both our corrupt politicians and the money hungry phone companies, both of which receive significant profits from the abuse by these criminal enterprises. It would be ever so simple for the phone company to identify all unused phone numbers by marking them as "invalid number" as part of the "caller i.d." program and/or the phone companies setting up their own reporting email systems (just like this one). But, the phone companies elect not to identify invalid numbers because they earn substantial profits from these criminals calling us every day. We get to pay for these callers too, as we are usually billed for calls from these unwanted spam callers when their calls roll over to voice mail. This is the life of Californians. Criminals, politicians and the phone companies all divide up profits of easy money. Nothing for their victims of crime.

18, Sep. 2017

It's a spoofed number,, total scam.

18, Sep. 2017

Claiming I'm entitled to student loan forgiveness program, but I've never had a student loan. It's either a scam or telemarketing. Unwanted either way and not remotely connected with any government agency.

18, Sep. 2017

This woman was not Hispanic as she claimed to be she was clearly Indian from India.

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