Area Code 310

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Area code: 310
State: California
Country: USA
30, Mar. 2017

Bridgecraft formerly Drivetime, five days late on car payment, only twelve more payments to go.

29, Mar. 2017

Have been receiving prerecorded messages lately from companies about refinancing my home.

29, Mar. 2017

I answered the phone in Welsh.

29, Mar. 2017

Got a voice mail from Lynn that I was "recommended" and could make lots of money with her if I would just call her back. Others have reported this same call from "Lynn"

29, Mar. 2017

I have gotten the same as the other comments. So here's my question, if they never leave a message or want to talk when you do answer, what is the purpose??

29, Mar. 2017

when you call back it is busy.

29, Mar. 2017

It comes up as unavailable on my caller ID, I have spoken to the real Institute and they are appalled that someone has been using their name to obtain money.

29, Mar. 2017

Each time after we call them they call us more.

29, Mar. 2017

Eventually they call you again.

28, Mar. 2017

I have asked this collection agency several time to stop calling, this is a new number just got a week ago and asked to stop calling but they continue.

28, Mar. 2017

you will always get a recorded message saying the business is closed and to call back during normal hourseven if you call within their business hours.

28, Mar. 2017

I have asked repeatedly that they remove my name from their list but I get a rude reply and he calls back.

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