Phone: 310-870-1851

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Long Beach, California
Its exchange 870 is managed by METROCALL
The number is currently on switch number LSANCARC5KD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 56% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Don't know, M in PA"
24, Mar. 2014

Number has called a few times so far in 2014. Blocked by mobile app so we can't hear who they are. Reported to

29, Apr. 2014

called, rang once, left no message

30, Apr. 2014

same as the last one - called, single ring, no message What's the game?

1, May. 2014

Called my cell phone here in PA, rang once

1, May. 2014

Rang once. Hang up, no message.

3, May. 2014

To cell phone. Single ring. Hang up, no message.

Happy bee
4, May. 2014

Same as above. One call. One ring. No message.

5, May. 2014

Rang twice on cell, then they hung up.

5, May. 2014

Don't know what this number is. Has called a few times this year. Most recent today (5/5 @ 8:25 AM PT). Annoying. Never a vmail.

5, May. 2014

Forgot to mention in the above.. My number that was called is on the national Do Not Call registry.

6, May. 2014

same thing here, called, rang once, left no message

6, May. 2014

Same as others, rang once and no message left....

6, May. 2014

Gov't NSA number.

7, May. 2014

called my cell phone....rang voice mail.

Judah Praise
7, May. 2014

The above # called my cell phone once and hung up. The caller did not even give me time to pick up, however, their was not a chance I was going to call back.

v in washington
8, May. 2014

rang once and hung up before I could answer

9, May. 2014

rang once and hung up. This is the third call from this number in a week

9, May. 2014

one ring, hang up, no message

M in SE Michigan
10, May. 2014

5/10, 2:30pm # called my cell # - i did not answer - no v-mail left

10, May. 2014

Same story with me except my phone said it was from Lakewood, CA.

11, May. 2014

called my cell, rang once, hung up, no message left on voicemail

12, May. 2014

called me earlier. rang once then hung up like everyone else. From what I understand this is a new kind of scam where they try to get you to call back and get info out of you. Don't answer and don't call back. If it were truly important they would leave a voice mail!

S in Louisville, KY
15, May. 2014

Me too. Called my cell, rang once,and wasn't there when I answered the phone.

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