Area Code 307

Additional information:

Area code: 307
State: Wyoming
Country: USA
15, Oct. 2018

It seems to be an IRS scam.

15, Oct. 2018

I called back and asked them to remove me from their list and they are very rude.

13, Oct. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

10, Oct. 2018

I expect to get paid for this harassment.

6, Oct. 2018

also calls from a different extension other times

5, Oct. 2018

Received a fraudulent call with this message: "This call is to inform you about some legal enforcement actions filed on your social security number. We have got an order to suspend your social at very right moment because we have found many suspicious activities on your social before we go ahead and suspend your number kindly call us back on our number which is 307-392-4815. I repeat it's 307-392-4815. Thank you and goodbye."

3, Oct. 2018

Consumer was instructed to purchase a green dot money card and to give the caller the 14 digit code to be sent to pay for the taxes.

3, Oct. 2018

My husband received a message from this number stating that there has been several suspicious activity on his social security number and that they are going to suspend his number if he didn't call back, Needless to say, he did NOT call back.

1, Oct. 2018

Can we also stop political calls, they are the worst

30, Sep. 2018

This telephone number won't stop calling. I've told them over and over that they have got the wrong erson. This company disgusts me.

28, Sep. 2018

Why can't you do anything to stop these calls?

27, Sep. 2018

I am very polite when I ask them to stop calling me because I don't have the problem they think I do.

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