Area Code 307

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Area code: 307
State: Wyoming
Country: USA
19, Jan. 2018

Texts regarding a car I just posted for sale yesterday.. Wants to buy the car unseen for 5% less than asking price. Immediately asks for my PayPal account.When asking why he chose PayPal as preferred route, he stops responding. Seller BEWARE!!!

19, Jan. 2018

When I call the number back it says "this number is not in service" yet it keeps calling me. They pretend to be a tech company. I hang up.

18, Jan. 2018

Nasty whore

15, Jan. 2018

Received a call from this number, answered and got no reply. Did a reverse phone number search on White Pages. Claims it's High Risk Scam/Fraud.

12, Jan. 2018

I think it is computer generated.

12, Jan. 2018

can hear people in background, cannot call number back.

11, Jan. 2018

I am getting numerous calls from this and others.This woman gives her name as Amber and says she is with social security and then hangs up on me or they and others call and say they are recording me and the police and sheriff will be here to get me. The police and phone company said they can't do anything, So sick of this

11, Jan. 2018

I have received the same message from 2 numbers registered to Syracuse, NY with the same message about sending me for arrest. Other numbers have had reports of the same message from the IRS. Total Scam

11, Jan. 2018

me too same thing......saw my resume online.,...yea..right. I've worked in food service for 20 years, with no insurance history

10, Jan. 2018

On other occasions they have argued when we asked them not to call.

10, Jan. 2018

Laughed when we requested an application in the mail because we didn't want to give credit card info over the phone.

9, Jan. 2018

This call is one of many using Cody phone numbers say "you recently stayed in one of hotels and then they try to sell you a vacation package. How they use business and residential phone number I don't know but it is wrong. This is nothing but a scam.

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