Area Code 306

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Area code: 306
State: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
11, Jul. 2017

DVD I 396 347 8960 calls my number but I don't answer calls I don't recognize.

8, Jul. 2017

I filed a report yesterday on them when they kept calling me back to back. This company will not give up & leave me alone. Today They called from yet again another different number & there is the same Indian Man trying to speak to me. I tell them to lose my number & they call from a new number. They keep harassing me at all times of the day & I'm tired of it! I'm not in debt, I have not asked for them to contact me.

4, Jul. 2017

DPVI and telephone # showed up my phone as a missed call, had no idea what that stood for so I searched it up Glad I did

28, Jun. 2017

Didn't leave message - called back and got answering machine for "Yellow Pages" - I hung up and blocked number

30, May. 2017

They don't leave messages, just calls constantly.their method of harassment on us senior citizens.

16, May. 2017

I have no dealings with anyone O/S nor do I have Family or Friends living O/S.

14, May. 2017

I think it's FirstSource Advantage calling. I didn't pick up, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I never pick up.

11, May. 2017

When I answered it was giving a ring tone so I waited for them to answer but they immediately hung up. I blocked the number.

11, May. 2017

I got the same girl - saying she was from Reliance Heater. Asked if I had a gas furnace and central air. I asked her if there WAS any other type of furnace - she got flustered and that was the end of that.", Then I blocked the number.

6, May. 2017

The recorded message indicated we may have won $50,000 dollars and if we pushed a number they would complete the award process.

3, May. 2017

Thank you for letting me vent!

20, Apr. 2017

They don't leave a message and sometimes call 5 minutes apart.

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