Area Code 306

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Area code: 306
State: Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
19, Jan. 2018

I got this call and another MADD phone call from another phone number yesterday, but didn't pick up either time because they were calling my cell phone, and these are phone. numbers were not known to me.

12, Jan. 2018

the male on the other end acted like he couldn't hear me, then hung up.

12, Jan. 2018

This is my 8 year old sons phone

9, Jan. 2018

3 calls in less than 3 hours. Told them 3 times to stop calling, the last butt head said that I didn't even know why they are calling. Let him know all about Nodid trying to buy my house when it will never to be for sale. Fed up after 40+ calls since last summer.

9, Jan. 2018

just block every call coming from Saskatchewan: all the same telemarketers or such!

9, Jan. 2018

He responded with several expletives, calling me several expletives.

9, Jan. 2018

This company has been calling every day.

3, Jan. 2018

Bottom feeding pond scum

2, Jan. 2018

Said they were giving away a free Walt Disney World Vacation

31, Dec. 2017

They NEVER leave a message on voicemail.

31, Dec. 2017

This number has called every day for over a week but no one ever answers.

29, Dec. 2017

This caller said it was a courtesy call (I guess that makes it not a telemarketing call).

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