Area Code 305

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Area code: 305
State: Florida
Country: USA
26, Jun. 2017

they called...left no message...possible spam call?

23, Jun. 2017

Tried to call them and stayed on hold forever. Wanted to tell them off but they wouldn't answer.

20, Jun. 2017

Folks, A technique that I just tried worked well. Just get a little rude with them questioning and telling them to take your phone number out of their database....that you feel that they are scamming you and you can quickly see who they are. I challenged the guy and told him that I did not believe him and that I was going to report him and he immediately started swearing and cursing at I said "Wow, you really must be the IRS because that is what I would expect from the IRS." He hung up.

18, Jun. 2017

Called at 4 am. No message. Thankfully I slept through it.

16, Jun. 2017

I received two calls from this number, with no voicemail left. I tried to call back, but the call couldn't go through. At&T usually does this with known scam numbers.

16, Jun. 2017

Do not an answer, wants to give a credit card #

15, Jun. 2017

So sick of these scammers. These, though are particularly inept. They claim to be IRS. If you call back they alternately claim they are a hospital, hang up, or try to get your info.

15, Jun. 2017

Just blocked this number after receiving SEVEN calls from them today in a period of less than 5 hours. They hang up after one ring, and sometimes my phone doesn't even ring because they hang up so quickly. Yesterday I filled out several job applications online, one of which I mistakenly started from a third party website called I imagine this is how they got my number. Ignore them and don't use that site.

7, Jun. 2017

Seems to be an scam, alleging IRS debt and "cops will come to get you".

2, Jun. 2017

I just got the call and I am in PA.. I guess it was a scam.

1, Jun. 2017

This call came through to my cell phone on Monday Dec 2, between 8 and 8:30 pm EST.

1, Jun. 2017

Diane Bingamine, the owner of Anytime Expediting, is calling under a false name of NTI Linens, for the purpose of UNWANTED SOLICITING.

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