Phone: 305-357-0810

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Miami, Florida
Its exchange 357 is managed by XO FLORIDA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number MIAQFL06DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 77% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 18 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Joe Banks that is really good at pretending he has a bahaman accent from Miami but he could also be from Costa Rica, None"
7, Sep. 2012

They CLAIM to be calling from Microsoft tech support (or something similar). They'll start off by telling you that your PC is experiencing some slowdowns, possibly due to a virus or other malicious software. They'll eventually try to make you go through your system registry, as well as purchase their software to help your system. IT IS A SCAM. Their software contains more malicious code than most items to be found on the average PC. They are the scum of the Earth, preying on those who may not know better. I have received about 2 calls a month from these people. I sincerely hope that other people aren't falling for this BS. I played along with them the first time, right up until they wanted me to read off some values from my registry. After that, I couldn't contain my anger, and I freaked out on them until they hung up on me.

F**king East Indian POS
30, Sep. 2012

I live in Toronto and this POS called 5 times in 5 minutes until I left the phone off the hook. He claimed to be from Microsoft Support and noticed a security error through the Internet. Our computer was hacked. He kept asking for the homeowner. I told him to F**K Off and hungup. He calls back demanding to speak to the homeowner and told him we have Apple computers and hungup. He called back again demanding to speak with the homeowner...WTF is wrong with these people??? I told him to F**K Off again and jump back in a leaky boat to Pakistan. He called back again and put him on hold and he hung up only to call back...He wore me down and decided to leave the phone off the hook for a few hours. There has to be laws against this harrassment? I only found this number after his repeated calls eventually registered this number...he was normally 000-000-0000

11, Oct. 2012

Said he was going to "help me with my computer as they were receiving information from my computer that it has all sorts fo viruses and malware" lol. He couldn't answer simple questions like the name and spelling of the company, how they were receiving information from my computer, what the company does - answer was they "try to help me with services" But couldn't tell me what services. When I asked if they could wash my windows he got dirty and told me he could service me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said no. Psycho scam artists

2, Sep. 2013

this guys are f**** pain in the a*s I should call CIA TO INVESTIGATE THIS NUMBER FOR FRAUD

26, Sep. 2013

this is coming from Witsoft Studios, LLC/ - Johnathan Ernest Witte, date birth 9/14/1962, social 301-60-0074...a criminal whose company operates out of post box in Clearwater...a UPS office box at 2643 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Clearwater...his accomplices Felicity Audrey Martin, dob 4/18/1958, two sons Andrew and Philip Witte and possible a Rachel Snider (formerly) dob 1/24/1980

11, Nov. 2013

he is using number like this to scam people and steal their money he needs to be reported to the FBI

11, Nov. 2013

CLAIMS I won some money and Ups was delievering it and need to verify I was a home and needed 300 dollars for taxes then when I did not fall for the scam he called me a f*******b ***** he needs to be arrested for threatning and harassing me .

Harriet Bailey
10, Dec. 2013

Says that he works for Donald Trump's Trump International. I checked and there's one in Jamaica, West Indies. That's why I think it's a scam. I have scammed.

Harriet Bailey
10, Dec. 2013

Says that he works for Donald Trump's Trump International. I checked and there's one in Jamaica, West Indies. That's why I think it's a scam. I have Been scammed.

11, Dec. 2013

Said he was john Benjamin If I had a maxed out CC he can put 1,500 on it And it will be fresh again Wanted the Name of my CC and numbers Had my address but couldn't say the state Massachusetts , said MA Cld first from a blocked line then this number Showed up on 2nd call I told him to stop clg and I know it's a scam How can this idiot be caught !

Michigan Mommy
11, Dec. 2013

This number called my cellphone today. This is an emergency number I rarely give to anyone, which leads me to believe it was randomly selected most likely. Voice appeared to be processed in some way (garbled and indistinct). Claimed to be Publishers' Clearing House and that I had won 5 million dollars. Well, I don't ENTER those, so I know I didn't win anyway! When I told the person that it's a private, emergency only cell and to please put me on their 'do not call' list because I'd rather sleep than win 5 million dollars, he(?) hesitated a few seconds, then said, "Well F*** You" and hung up.

23, Dec. 2013

Dec 23 2013 - I received a call from this number saying he was James Phillips. I believe it is a scam number.

11, Jan. 2014

Call came to me at 6am in the morning, claims he was from Publishers Clearing House. It expressed my displeasure about calling so early in the morning and he replied, "f**k YOU".

9, Mar. 2014

This Asswhole has also called from 876# in Jamaica the same a*s who stole over $100,000 from my friends he needs to be x out permenatly.

22, Apr. 2014

Rcd on my cell. No msg. Followed by an eight digit number. ..

23, Jun. 2014

Called 5 times first 3 from an internet phone number the other two from the 305 number. Never answered just kept rejecting. They gave up after 5 calls

An Angry American Woman
3, Jul. 2014

The first time he had a Bahaman accent and he wanted us to go to Walmart and buy a green card and load 200$ on to it and send it to a account.. than we would get our FREE cruise ship tickets.. so me and my sister called back.. (he had no accent when he answered the phone) we told him to go to walmart find the biggest pair of boots he can find and shove it up his a$$ hahahahahahahah.. that was so hilarious.. than today he called about UPS or somethin and he wanted us to confirm our package.. wtf and of course we messed with him too.....and another time he called about us winning the mega millions.. so annoying.. so lesson learned block this guys number and do not call it back to tell him to shove a boot up his a$$ cause It will cost 27$ on ur phone bill and ur parents will b mad af

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