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21, Jun. 2018

I received a call from this number on my personal line, returned the call on my work line (which comes up on caller ID as "Unknown"), when they were challenged on what "Legal Action" was being taken against me, they said none. Total SCAM

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30, May. 2018


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10, May. 2018

Our cell phone rings and no one there.

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10, Apr. 2018

Jennifer Robbins called and said she was coming to my office today with papers and she was going to garnish my wages for a credit card debt. She yelled at me, kept telling me this is my last chance before something bad happens. Between her, a private number and 206-287-5252, my boss and I have received a total of 10 calls yesterday. They are intimidating....beware

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17, Feb. 2017

I am on do not call registry and have an unlisted phone #.

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21, Feb. 2016

Please stop these harassing & illegal calls!

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17, Aug. 2015

I believe this call was from a request I entered on a search site to look for a color copier.

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10, Feb. 2015

I was receiving phone calls from the number listed above once per week, telling them each time I was not interested and to take me off of their call list.