Area Code 304

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Area code: 304
State: West Virginia
Country: USA
22, Aug. 2017

Can you hear me? Nope can't hear you. Don't call me again.

Irish Cowboy
11, Aug. 2017

They said the "Department:" has serious questions about my tax return which will expire in 24 hours if I don't call them back and the "cops" will arrest me. Are you kidding me and they think using language like this works?? Why do these people continue to operate under scams like this. What recourse do the "cops" have?

8, Aug. 2017

telemarketer trying to sell a resort vacation

29, Jul. 2017

Was driving when the phone rang and couldn't answer. Caller did not leave a message.

25, Jul. 2017


12, Jul. 2017

(304) 238-7564 Live screening & sales call recorded 05 July 2017 (Darla & Stacey from "National Pain Center", 'records indicate you are affected by back, shoulder or knee pain...') SCAM! Caller ID: "Wheeling WV" A misleading live screening and sales call suggesting that I may be eligible for a back brace to relieve pain if I have Medicare and/or private insurance. I tried to avoid saying 'yes' by using the phrase 'That is correct' in response to questions. I tried to keep both ladies on the phone as long as possible, the entire call is 23+ minutes, including several minutes of my HOLD music which I was surprised that they listened to without disconnecting. The second woman, Stacey, is heard commenting about not knowing what this "new thing is" and she "doesn't like it" (referring to my HOLD music, thinking it was on her end, see the end of my transcript, below). Their "shotgun" approach to making mass phone calls, and their total disregard of the Do Not Call list certainly tells us a lot about their business ethic, doesn't it? Here is a transcript of their unwanted, intrusive, insulting screening and sales call: "[This] call is now being recorded." [female 1 voice:] "Good day to you. My name is Darla and I'm calling from the National Pain Center. How are you doing today?" [me:] "Uh, just fine thank you." [female 1 voice:] "Okay, great. Well our records indicate that you may have chronic joint pain in your back. Is that correct?" [me:] "Uh yes, it is." [female 1 voice:] "Okay, great, so just to confirm, are you over the age of 65?" [me:] "Yes, I am." [female 1 voice:] "Okay perfect, so do you, do you have a Medicare, or do you have a private insurance in the Medicare Advantage?" [me:] "Uh, yes." [female 1 voice:] "Okay. So the reason I am calling you today sir if you have been selected to receive a new state-of-the-art medical brace at little or no cost to you, okay? " [me:] "Ok." [female 1 voice:] "have you received a brace from your insurance within the last 5 years? " [me:] "A brace? No, I have not." [female 1 voice:] "Okay perfect so congratulations. So it looks like you may qualify for a brace. So would you go ahead and grab your red, white and blue medicare card because my supervisor will need a card to ship out your brace today, okay? I'll hold while you get it. So take your time and let me know once you have it, okay?" [me:] "Ok, it's in my wallet uh, which is downstairs." [female 1 voice:] "Yes sir, I'll hold." [me:] "Alright, yeah hold, hold please. Hold." [female 1 voice:] "Ok." [my HOLD music is heard]<BR> [me:] "Hello? Hello?" [female 1 voice:] "Yes, hello sir. Do you have?" [me:] "Hello?" [female 1 voice:] "Yes, hello? Can you hear me? Do you have your medicare card in hand?" [me:] "Yes I do." [female 1 voice:] "Okay, great. So my supervisor will need a card to ship out your brace today okay? So my supervisor now, is ready to speak with you and get your brace shipped out to you ASAP. So please have your Medicare card available, and I will transfer you now. Hold on a second, ok?" [me:] "Okay." [female 1 voice:] "Okay hold on a second please. I'm speaking with Mr. Jay Robertson?" [me:] "No. My name is Chris Newkirk." [female 1 voice:] "I'm sorry?" [me:] "Chris Newkirk." [female 1 voice:] "Newkirk? Okay, Mr. Chris, right?" [me:] "Right." [female 1 voice:] "Yes, hold on a second, please." [female [b]2[/b] voice:] "First Group, how...hi. How can I help you?" [female [b]1[/b] voice:] "I have Mr. Chris on the line, and he is in need of a back brace. Goodbye." [female [b]2[/b] voice:] "Thank you. Hello?" [me:] "Hello?" [female 2 voice:] "Hello? Hi, how are you?" [me:] "Good thanks." [female 2 voice:] "Good. And what was your first name? I couldn't understand her. I'm sorry." [me:] "Chris." [female 2 voice:] "Chris...Hi Chris. And your last name, please?" [me:] "Newkirk." [female 2 voice:] "Ok, well I'm Stacey, um, and you're looking for a back brace. Is that right, for your pain?" [me:] "That's correct." [female 2 voice:] "Okay. Awesome. What state are you in?" [me:] "I'm in the state of New Jersey." [female 2 voice:] "Alright, thank you. Now what we do is uh we help you get the brace um through your insurance, depending on what kind of insurance you have, are you with Medicare, or what do you have?" [me:] "Medicare." [female 2 voice:] "Ok. Do you have your Medicare information handy and I can check and see if you qualify first?" [me:] "Uhhh, no, but I can get it." [female 2 voice:] "Ok, take your time." [me:] "Uh, my wallet is, my wallet is downstairs Yeah. Can you hold for a couple of minutes?" [female 2 voice:] "Sure. Take your time." [me:] "Okay, just a moment. [my HOLD music] Okay, actually I found it. I thought it was downstairs. It's right here in the same room." [female 2 voice:] "Okay great. I just need the claim number and then your date of birth." [me:] "Okay. One, three, six, nine, zero, eight, three, nine, zero." [female 2 voice:] "Is there a letter at the end of that?" [me:] "Uh, no." [female 2 voice:] "On your medicare card, there's no letter at the end of the 9 digit um numbers for the claim number?" [me:] "Oh, uh, it looks like a Dee." [female 2 voice:] "Okay. Thank you, and then, what is the proper spelling of your last name?" [me:] "En e double you kay eye are kay." [female 2 voice:] "Perfect. And is it Chris or Christopher?" [me:] "It's Christopher. I go by Chris." [female 2 voice:] "Ok. Well just so I could look up your plan I want to make sure I spell it right. What's your date of birth please?" [me:] "I am born on July 1st, 1960." [female 2 voice:] "Happy birthday. Ok, let's see what this says. If you have pain anywhere else, or is it just your back?" [me:] "Uh my back, my knees." [female 2 voice:] "Ok. Have you ever worn any kind of brace before for your back, or?" [me:] "No." [female 2 voice:] "Ok. I think when I'm speaking it's coming to you like a couple seconds after so I don't mean to um cut you off if you're speaking cuz there's a delay I think on the phone." [me:] "Okay. Yeah, okay, there is a slight..." [female 2 voice:] "Yeah, uh huh, so that was your Medicare uh red, white and blue card right? I have entered Christopher Newkirk, July 1st of 1960 and I had one, three, six, nine, zero, eight, three, nine, zero, Dee as in David..." [me:] "No, the last digit is not zero, it's seven." [female 2 voice:] "Got it, that's what happened. Okay, so let me see me with this is going to say hold on, do you hear in the meantime. I want to look at another portal and have you ever received any kind of brace before through Medicare for any other part?" [me:] "No." [female 2 voice:] "That's weird, I hear myself repeating, okay, alright, so that said "no", so let me try again 136-90-8397, Dee as in David, correct?" [me:] "Correct." [female 2 voice:] "And Christopher with a sea." [me:] "Correct." [female 2 voice:] "And I have your date of birth your birthday um, alright, cuz it is not coming up with that information. Is there any other uh number it would go by, that the most recent medicare card that you have?" [me:] "Uh, that's the most recent, yes." [female 2 voice:] "Ok, and do you have any other insurance aside from Medicare like Humana or United Health Care?" [me:] "Uh, I have Blue Cross." [female 2 voice:] "Do you know if it's a PPO policy or an HMO policy?" [me:] "It's a PPO." [female 2 voice:] "Ok, do you happen to um, let's see here, do you have that information on your Blue Cross card? I can try and pull that up cuz I can't get through to Medicare for some reason." [me:] "Uh, let's see, where is my Blue Cross card, my wife had them because we just visited the doctor several days ago. Uh, I don't have the card in front of me. It's downstairs in the office." [female 2 voice:] "Ok." [me:] "I know you needed my number." [female 2 voice:] "Yeah, I need the Id number just to see what kind of plan it is um and if it comes back that we can work with that type of plan that I can go further with the braces and stuff." [me:] "Okay, uh, yeah, I can put you on hold here, and there is a phone downstairs, so I'm going to have to go down to get the card and then pick up the phone so hold on please." [female 2 voice:] "Ok, that's fine." [I started my long HOLD music which she thought was a new feature on her end] "Yeah. I don't like this new thing is...they add this... Yeah, this what is it?" * * * * * Thanks to Google Voice ( ) you can hear this recording on my Spam Calls web page: (mirror site) (site may be temporarily down) Signup for your own free Google Voice account at and avoid telephone call spam

10, Jul. 2017

No message left

9, Jul. 2017

It says to press 1 to talk to someone but no one is there.

27, Jun. 2017

They call our business about 7 times a day - there is never anyone on the line when I answer. Have tried to call back and it goes straight to a busy signal. Would love to know how to stop these calls very aggravating.

16, Jun. 2017

Can you tell me about this guy? This number was calling my best friend.

16, Jun. 2017

When it comes up on my caller ID has "ILLEGAL SCAM". Call 4 to 5 times a day. Never a message. So I have it blocked

15, Jun. 2017

They contacted me after seeing me on a "dating site"..... Cupid, I think. They gave me this number, however, I just get the following message: "The text mail subscriber you are trying to reach is currently unavailable".

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