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3, Mar. 2017

Said he was calling on a recording, and a noise on his end I hung up.

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23, Apr. 2016

I don't know if its a collection agency or what.

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24, Sep. 2015

came up on called id as service call unable to call number back

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5, Mar. 2015

Third of 4 "urgent" and "final" notices concerning "lower interest rates.

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24, Nov. 2014

called.. no msg. I have no clue who this is. Anyone know a way to report abuse to the carriers?

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19, Sep. 2014

recorded call, did not give me an option to refuse future calls

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12, Jul. 2014

This was a text message to my cell phone.

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17, Mar. 2014

This place has called me numerous times. If it doesn't leave a message- it just waits on the line and hangs up. I need them to just stop calling my number!

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12, Jun. 2013

This same company calls me at least once a week despite me advising i am on the do not call list. The person refused to provide the company name and address.

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14, Feb. 2012

texting and leaving nasty messages on phone and would highly appreciate it if you would stop because none of it is necessary for you to be in any ones business