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1, May. 2018

My answering machine has a message telling them to quit calling me.

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10, Jan. 2018

Spanish speaking could not understand recorded message.

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14, May. 2017

I think it's AMO Recoveries calling. I didn't answer, think it's a collection agency. If I don't recognize the number I never pick up.

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7, Oct. 2014

continued calls to my cell phone

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25, Jul. 2014

Keep calling at all hours never leave a message. We are on the don not call, no credit issues. Call after 8:00PM and during dinner mostly.

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13, May. 2014

When calling the number back it falsely tried to represent itself as some big company.

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24, Jun. 2013

Very annoying. I believe this company is trying to slam customers.

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31, May. 2013

This is the third recorded message I have received from this company. I always hang up before it is finished. When calling the number back to see who the company is you will get another recorded message which says that if you want to opt out of the calls you can. I did as instructed but now I have received the third call.

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4, Apr. 2013

We have not done any business with this company in the last five years. They call repeatedly and either ask for someone else or hang up when we answer. We have told them repeatedly that the person they are asking for does not have this number, we don't know the person, and to stop calling. This has been going on for the past year with 6 calls within the last few days.

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30, Mar. 2012

Asked for IT dept's name 2x.