Phone: 303-532-8733

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Longmont, Colorado
Its exchange 532 is managed by MCLEODUSA TELECOMMUNICATION SE
The number is currently on switch number DNVTCOUZDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 36% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "mexicans, Frito Bandito"
4, Apr. 2013

From the time I answered the phone they only spoke in Spanish.

9, Apr. 2013

They only speak Spanish. Not sure what they want.

11, Apr. 2013

Spanish speaker trying to sell something from what I understood. I asked her if she spoke spanish and said "sorry wrong number" and hung up.

12, Apr. 2013

They've called a couple times and only talk in Spanish; when I ask for English or reply in English they hang up on me. Sometimes they use recorded messages, when they do, the recordings are in English.

8, Jun. 2013

I said "Hello" and they hung up. I immediately called back and someone answered (without response) and said "Hello?, hello?" but when I paused I could hear a lot of people on the background, similar to the sounds of a call center. Probably trying to sell stuff.

18, Jun. 2013

I keep getting calls from this # on my cell phone but I do not answer since I do not know it. They do not leave any message. Strange

2, Jul. 2013

Why do they hate mulletpeliniā€Ž?

The real mulletpelini
2, Jul. 2013

It's not a scam, they really just want to know if you speak Spanish. I said yes, they said thank you and hung up.

7, Sep. 2013

I called the number back and the answered "DISH Latino".

17, Sep. 2013

same here, asked something in spanish of me , I said englais por favor they hung up on me. I called back right away they said "wrong number"

12, Feb. 2014

I got a call from this number on my cell, after i said "hello" they hung up on me. I called back and they said "hello" I explained someone just called me from this number and they hung up again. The lady who answered the phone was of spanish decent. Really strange....

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