Phone: 303-495-1972

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Denver, Colorado
Its exchange 495 is managed by XO COLORADO, LLC
The number is currently on switch number ENWDCO47DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 47% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "303-495-1972, Quality Construction"
5, Jun. 2012

Repeated calls from this number. Several times just today. A very annoying situation. No-call list doesn't help much with some.

7, Jun. 2012

started getting calls from 303 -495 1972. I politely told them I wasn't interested and that I was on the no call list and to please remove my number.....ther reply I got was "whatever!" and she hung up!

16, Jun. 2012

Caller scanning for roofing jobs. Highly unethical. Doesn't care about the no call list, or the law.

20, Jun. 2012

Bogus roofing company call.

20, Jun. 2012

No one on other line, 3 x's in the last hour

26, Jun. 2012

Calls repeatedly with no message if on the no call list

26, Jun. 2012

Calls repeatedly with no message if on the no call list

28, Jul. 2012

Calls come every other day. No message. We are also on the no call list. So much for that law.

30, Jul. 2012

Tried to scam one of my customers - said they were sent by the insurance company

4, Jan. 2013

I continually get calls from this number all times of the day and my number is on the do not call list. When I answer the call there is never anyone on the other end, nobody says anything! I tried to file a complaint at but it says the number isn't registered!

10, Jan. 2013

Has called 3 days in a row asking for my mother who is working. So as the adult in the house I ask to take a message. And they say no. I finally call them and they're going in and out (sounds like they're working in construction) saying they want to do a free inspection. It's very rude they don't say why they're calling to begin with then find out they're a telemarketer.

15, Jan. 2013

have had several calls and when I answer no one is there.

16, Jan. 2013

calls our house repeatedly for MONTHS!!! . usually no one on line if we answer. today the caller identified self as Chris and asked for my hudsband. said he would call back later - i have no doubt!!

17, Jan. 2013

Person called asking for me by name. I asked who was calling. Person asked if I was the person they were asking for. I again asked who was calling and what the call was in regard to. Person wouldn't answer unless I told them if I was the person they were asking for. Told them I wasn't going to tell them if they didn't tell me who they were and why they were calling. Person said, "that's fine, we'll just call back later for <name>" and hung up.

17, Jan. 2013

They are Quality construction and they don't care if your on the DNC them.

18, Jan. 2013

If you get call from this number or 303-219-9286 303-219-9288 303-219-9289 303-219-9775 303-531-1048 303-968-1620 its all the same company that will try to tell you that their list are canvassed and you actually gave them your information. We all know this nott to be true the truth is they buy your information from a list provider and purposely dont scrub the DNC so they can call more numbers. Also do not comply with federal regulations of dropped call percentage which is suppose to be 3% and they run around 25% or higher so if you get a call and when you pick up no one is there thats why here is the number for the main office at 2600 S Parker Rd Suite 373 3034957889 also the owners name is Robert Saitta and his number is 720-725-5515 also the Gm over there is Ryan Saitta 720-298-3201

24, Jan. 2013

they call at least twice a day and hang up when you answer. I've called back and left a message to be removed from their list. They call anyway. I'm on a no call list.

26, Jan. 2013

The caller just asks for my husband and then hangs up when I tell him he is not here. Calls all the time and doesn't leave message when I don't answer phone. I am on DNC list.

31, Jan. 2013

Calls multiple times a day for the last month. I've had enough -- someone is going to have a bad day when the dial my number one more time

31, Jan. 2013

I get calls twice a day for over one month. I filed complaint with Colorado Do-Not-Call List.

5, Feb. 2013

After weeks of getting calls from Quality Construction in Aurora, CO from their 303-495-1972 number, I looked up their office number and left a VM at 9:50am 2/5/13 asking them to take my name off their calling list. At 1pm 2/5/13, I received yet another call from this company trying to sell me home repair services. I told the caller that my number is on the federal do-not-call list and that he is breaking the law. I then went online and filed a complaint with the Denver Better Business Bureau. You might consider doing the same. The BBB generally gets results.

6, Feb. 2013

Caller wasn't on line when I answered. Waited a bit and hung up. I'm also on the no call list.

8, Feb. 2013

We too are on the no call list and get calls from this number about every other day. I suggest we call THEM at about 3 in the morning.

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