Area Code 302

Additional information:

Area code: 302
State: Delaware
Country: USA
17, Dec. 2017

yet they call at least monthly.

17, Dec. 2017

Received call and called back again, it looks like tele marketing with rewards option

17, Dec. 2017

Please have this company stop its annoying calls.

16, Dec. 2017

when I call back to tell them not to call me again I get a disconnect message.

15, Dec. 2017

I pressed 1 for the sole purpose of speaking to someone.

15, Dec. 2017

am I wasting my time, filing this complaint?

15, Dec. 2017

He had a heavy Indian accent.

15, Dec. 2017

It's a scammer (Joe Biden?) saying you are being sued for bank fraud & misuse of a social security number. Uncle Joe says to call them and clear up your social security number and pay a small nominal fee (my words) to resolve the matter. They then will threaten you (just like Joe Biden always does) if you don't follow their orders. Since this is from Delaware you just know Joe Biden (aka: "Bite Me") has something to do with it. All the fraud you could ever want.

14, Dec. 2017

This is a phishing scam via text. I posted an item on Craigslist and got a text from this number days after the posting was deleted from a phony site that was to intended to look like a craigslist page.

14, Dec. 2017

I receive these calls periodically all saying they have a better interest rate etc.

14, Dec. 2017

Please help stop this annoyance.

14, Dec. 2017

i will enter a complaint for the landline as well.

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