Area Code 301

Additional information:

Area code: 301
State: Maryland
Country: USA
15, Sep. 2017

You receive a call from this number, +1 (301) 430-1209 but it hangs up as soon as you answer. Call it back and a recorded program resembles a radio station call-in game show. Recording presents itself as a trivia game where three correct answers to music trivia questions will win you two Bahama cruise tickets. If all three are answered correctly you then submit your phone number and expect to receive a text with the details of how to collect your prize cruise tickets. I'm willing to bet once this scammer has a textable phone number there will be no end of scam and spam texts. Funny but after completing the game and hanging up, any attempt to call the number back from the phone number just used to play the game results in a busy signal. Try using a different phone to call this number and you get an answer first try. Then try any previous used phone to call +1 (301) 430-1209 and you'll only get a busy signal. I guess used numbers are screened and locked out from playing the "game" multiple times.

15, Sep. 2017

There was a slight pause before the recording started.

15, Sep. 2017

PLEASE get them to stop calling me!

14, Sep. 2017

Isn't there a law against phone calls where the caller hangs up and not do anything else? This switch number, as this website puts it, is for a phone hobbyist. Really? Can this person do anything more exciting than being a phone hobbyist? I don't really know what a phone hobbyist is so happy about being one but, what about another hobby? Collecting roadkill might be a better one.

13, Sep. 2017

Annoying - no msg. I don't answer unknown numbers

11, Sep. 2017

Called. Beeped twice when I picked up. I hung up and then had a hot spot connection open on my cellphone. I turned off hotspot right away. Not sure if it was related.

8, Sep. 2017

Calls twice a day nearly every weekday. No message. Blocked now.

7, Sep. 2017

Sales pitch for cruise lines won from a radio station I've never heard of.

6, Sep. 2017

This is my ex and refuses to leave me alone.

6, Sep. 2017

We just don't answer our home phone any more.

6, Sep. 2017

I do NOT want any calls from these people for any reason.

6, Sep. 2017

A medical alert system.

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