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22, Jun. 2016

I think a hospital collection call. Never said anything. From Clearlake Regional Medical Center..

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26, May. 2016

I received a call earlier in the day at approximately 12:30 pm as well.

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18, May. 2016

I do that and ask them to stop calling me.

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11, Jan. 2016

They tried to collect personal information from me for a $100 Wal-Mart gift card.

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27, Mar. 2015

Scam by Resolution Performance Group (RPG). Fake debt collectors posing as lawyers. Should be charged with fraud and extortion.

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3, Feb. 2015

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1, Dec. 2014

Please request that this caller stop calling my number. Thank you

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12, Aug. 2014

This is a recorded message about a vacation,.

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22, Jul. 2014

this time I answered, there was no one on the other end.

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26, Jun. 2014

Does not talk when calling ...only instantly hangs up

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12, May. 2014

We were eating dinner and I couldn't get to the phone in time. The call came in the evening. A message was left. The woman thought she was talking to someone and started to ask questions. When no one answered her back she hung up.

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22, Jan. 2014

This number called 4 times just this morning. They never left a message.

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15, Jun. 2013

There was no phone number listed or left in the message. "Unknown Number" was on the caller ID. The mans voice kept asking "to press 0" to speak to an operator.

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30, May. 2013

this is a robo call and we can't tell them not to call!

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7, May. 2013

We have asked these people to stop calling and we are on the do not call list and they rudely hang up. This has been going on for the last 2 months.

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15, Apr. 2013

This was a call I did not ask for. Sounds like a part of the scam going around. Please do something about this. Thanks.

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16, Dec. 2012

I have received my "2nd and final notice" for over 6 months. I spoke with a rep and asked to be removed from the calling list. She responded, "Yes, we can." and then quickly hung up. I have been registering complaints every time I receive calls from this bogus operation.

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1, Nov. 2012

These people have called before. I have this number blocked, but I do not want them calling altogether. Even though my numbers have been on the do not call list forever, they seem to find a way to get them. Someone needs to crack down on these people already. Everybody is getting sick of them. Please stop these people already!

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18, Oct. 2012

They call EVERY night, and hang up when I ask them to remove me from their list. The Do Not Call registry needs to act on this.