Phone: 281-407-1401

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Dickinson, Texas
Its exchange 407 is managed by GEOTEK COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number HSTZTXFP1MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 43% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 46 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Don't know, mercon"
1, Oct. 2013 Reply

2, Oct. 2013 Reply

no reason for this phone call- where did they get my number?

16, Oct. 2013 Reply

did not leave a message so I assume it is a telemarketer

16, Oct. 2013 Reply

Called and left no message, will not call back to see what they want. If important they should leave a message.

25, Oct. 2013 Reply

The recording said it was Blue Cross United Health Care. You are given numbers to press to speak to an agent. I did not respond & called Blue Cross and was told that the call was not from them. This is a scam.

1, Nov. 2013 Reply

this number has called me several times, I have answered and no one is ever there it just hangs up. When I try to call back, I get a recording telling me to hit any number to be removed from "this list".... in which I have now done three times and they still call!!

8, Nov. 2013 Reply

The number has called my cell several times and when I answer no one is on the other end and I just hang up.

13, Nov. 2013 Reply

Received a call at my job asking me to update my benefits for when I retire. I work for the government and only in my 30's. They don't call us on such matters.

13, Nov. 2013 Reply

This number keeps calling my office number (government number) but never leaves a message.

18, Nov. 2013 Reply

Showed up om my caller id as "Benefits Line". They left no message. As a caller above stated I am also a government employee and they called my office phone.

18, Nov. 2013 Reply

Calls government phone line, leaves no message.

16, Dec. 2013 Reply

I could not understand the message they left. Sounds more like someone from Louisiana. I have not idea why they called.

20, Dec. 2013 Reply

Second call from these yahoos. Used ios7 feature to block it in the future on my iPhone.

27, Dec. 2013 Reply

Like other posts above, call keeps coming to government line.

27, Dec. 2013 Reply

Yet another call to a government phone line. But they called twice today. No message left.

10, Jan. 2014 Reply

Called number. A recorded voice said press any key to be removed from this list. Who knows?

11, Jan. 2014 Reply

I got a call this afternoon. I don't pick up any number I don't recognize. I am on the DNC list for telemarketers. Don't know who this is. No message was left. I just deleted the number from my phone..

24, Jan. 2014 Reply

Called and did not leave message on my personal cell phone number. I am on the no call list so don't know why they are calling me.

30, Jan. 2014 Reply

No one on the other end Random

5, Feb. 2014 Reply

Called this number back after receiving two calls from it today with no message left. I got an automated recording that say to press any number on my keypad to be removed from the list.

6, Feb. 2014 Reply

these idiots call me and when i call back, im asked to press one to be removed from list, ive done that and they still call me. who are they?

14, Feb. 2014 Reply

Left no message. Wish they would stop calling. Reporting the number to FCC.

14, Feb. 2014 Reply

I didn't answer the call because I didn't recognize the number. No message was left.

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