Area Code 276

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Area code: 276
State: Virginia
Country: USA
25, May. 2018

How do I get these calls to stop and why are they all of sudden happening on all of our cell lines?

25, May. 2018

Recd call in Richmond VA yesterday BEWARE VA

24, May. 2018

i have asked them repeatedly to stop of caller on caller id is listed as unassigned

20, May. 2018

I have asked for them to stop calling each time.

19, May. 2018

This caller terrifies ppl with comments trying to get donations

14, May. 2018

As I remember this is either the 3rd or 4th time I have asked you to stop them from calling

Vincent C. Calhoun
14, May. 2018

This guy tried to sell me on his shitty ideas of judicial review. Fuckin telemarketers amirite my guy? Alright I'll see you on the other side my brotha but if any of you lads get a call from this boi remember hes just a telemarketin' bastard knob.

7, May. 2018

This number keeps calling at least once a day.

25, Apr. 2018

Robo voice using stilted phrasing (note to self if I go into scamming - hire a decent localizer) threatening arrest. I didn't think anyone saw me tear that mattress tag off...but maybe I was too brash.

25, Apr. 2018

I did not request any system from that company and their call was very annoying.

18, Apr. 2018

I have noticed that many scammers are now using cell phone numbers to try to fool block call tools.

18, Apr. 2018

We have also spoken directly to people and told them to stop calling on several occasions and they laugh at us and hang up and then call again minutes later.

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