Area Code 276

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Area code: 276
State: Virginia
Country: USA
23, Mar. 2017

The calls sent to it wind up in the voicemail box.

22, Mar. 2017

Auto correct botched that paragraph. S/b Microsoft would never call about your operating system or network sending out bad IP addresses or wanting access to your computer. Hey Administrator of this site, add an edit key to correct spelling errors or auto correct mistakes.

22, Feb. 2017

Today, for some strange reason, I have already received two unwanted calls which has not happened in the past.

16, Feb. 2017

phone rang, I answered and it went dead.

16, Feb. 2017

I do press 1 then each time tell the person that I am on the no call list and that they should not call again.

10, Feb. 2017

Male caller called me "Grandma" -- when I asked who he was, he said "your oldest grandson." When I asked his name, he said "Billy." I have no grandson by that name . . . this is obviously a scam.

4, Feb. 2017

At first it was a robo-call, then they hang up when you answer - then a person contacted me and tried to gain access to my computer.

2, Feb. 2017

My right to peace and privacy is being violated.

1, Feb. 2017

(I only get 250 anytime minutes.).

18, Jan. 2017

These people call CONTINUOUSLY!

17, Jan. 2017

I had received innumerable calls prior to beginning keeping phone records.

11, Jan. 2017

Caller ID says Ebay inc.

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